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  1. #LBP3 will be presened at GameSpot Stage 1 livesream 12:40pm PST 8:40 GMT 9:40 CET http://t.co/xlXUKQbIXK

  2. You know that console is duing when you see this http://t.co/7Nms5xebEK

  3. Russia was controvertial for you? Wait for north korea to aim there missiles in 2018 to make some noice xd #closingceremony

  4. Mis na miare naszych mozliwosci XD #closingceremony

  5. Another netherland full podium speed skating ; p @Luos_83

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      As I said above to another updater - please don't put results spoilers in the status updates! :)

  6. Hmmm Polish comenttators raports that Kasai back hurts :( i wish he jump good anyway and both Stoch and Kasai get medal @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  7. Yey first gold for Japan, gz!!! ^^ Yuzuru Hanyu in figure skateing @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  8. Kowalczyk got gold in crosscountry ^^ @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  9. Head hit didnt end up goid for connection ; p http://t.co/fZobwHgKmI

  10. Gz ^^ another silver medal for Japan in nordish combination by Watabe @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  11. YouTube changing layout again......... when they gonna fing stop doing that and concentrate on one

  12. Sara is 3rd after 1st round, but i think she can correct that on 2nd ;] to bad i cant see it on tv :(@Ruizu39

  13. Stoch won!!! First medal for Poland 15th overall and 3rd gold in history of witer olympics :)#Sochi2014 @Ruizu39

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