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  1. RT @Luos_83: Ever wanted more than a few swords? what about over 9k?What about more than 190m? check out this awesomeness! https://t.co/m7…

  2. TVN obrarzona że jakiś honorowy pogrzeb Wesołowskiego, a jak Jaruzela który ma też ludzi na sumieniu chowali z honorami to wszystko ok

  3. Beginning of MGSV: You sleeped for 9 years.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *fants* You don't have a arm.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *fants*

  4. Thats actully... good news, i really didn't like this logo, i hope they design something better http://t.co/EWOcM50uem

  5. Dzisiaj PO ma dzisiaj wielki bul pupy

  6. Palikot na całego jedzie

  7. "Trudny Okres" - ostatni mem Prezydenta Komorowskiego... przynajmniej w tym był dobry ;p

  8. Help me reveal TWO new Legendary cards from Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament. We’re at 85%! #TGTLegendary

  9. Fot those complaing about bejing 2022. IOC was all ready to give it to european contry... but all 3 europe cities canceled there candidates

    1. Ikarus360


      Gee, I wonder why *glares at Sochi*

  10. Check it out if you want to see Unreal broken :P#UE4 @UnrealEngine

  11. Help me reveal TWO new Legendary cards from Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament. We’re at 51%! #TGTLegendary

  12. Tokyo forgot to set right font when they been designing Olympic logo https://t.co/5oTfBkKFWz

  13. ...... looks like magic mouths recordings are broken now

  14. Ha, i knew it ;3 movie camera stops and resets screen saver timer in LBP, so problem solved

  15. #PS4 made me get more trophies in single month then ever before http://t.co/C9TezKphLb

  16. Things you may not notice in #LBP3 Sony Conference presentation http://t.co/4f38Hdq5UU :P

  17. If you guys think of optinal PS4 only, do you thouth if this even make any sence? How do you know if i gonna give any benifits with HQ res?

  18. there SackPocket which worksl ike powerup inventory :P

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