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  1. TVN24 własnie wymyślił nowy termin "Incydent Terrorystyczny", spokojnie to tylko incydent xd #Londyn

  2. @jaibrot @PlayStationEU btw i just found that they gonna resend mails with fixed links tommow morning

  3. And i wear this speacially for him :( https://t.co/3QDek74ed3

  4. Wo iPhone X got build in Kinect :o

  5. I know that but what is disaster is fact that this won't change for very long time and has nothing to do with size of US but nature of US television industry which turns everything in to show and this is not only BS i seen. I guess somebody coming from outside and being sports fan it's terrifying prospect for me. In Poland during volleyball world championships the private brotcaster with got right to it Polsat because of "fund issues" paywalled live access to all matches including ones with Poland while there satellite platform network user got it for free (or rether "in cost of service") everyone was mad at them for doing this, ironically Poland got to final and won and "by intervention of president" Polsat broadcasting live final match in open air. After this incident parlament issued law that all "importent public or sports events" (world cups, Olympics there specific list) with perticipents from Poland need to be broadcast in FTA in Poland. And yes that means Discovery was actually forces to sell sublicence to FTA broadcaster (private or national TVP) or broadcast FTA themselves to legally broadcast Olympics at all in Poland (but they don't have issues to do so in other contries so they still on plus for me). I don't know i guess it's mentality difference, for it's supper strange that Americans don't have problem with that but i guess they didn't expariance anything better ;p
  6. RT @Lord_Mandalore: Finally got banned from the flat earth discord by posting a forbidden image. https://t.co/soqRc00aAw

  7. @Augustynowska @ZbigniewFilipek @MGolbik @Platforma_org @NewsPlatforma @TomaszSiemoniak @SchetynadlaPO… https://t.co/KeuRtrU1ri

  8. @purinharumaki @polytarou キラークイーン

  9. @XTrophx Good to see you are ok ;3

  10. @NinjaMicWZ I played it long ago ;p

  11. @XTrophx I didn't know i thought you are from US :o well i hope everything will be fine

  12. @yoshikane_tnt 神は来た

  13. Almost like Quake #PS4share https://t.co/WTPJDzW4Xe https://t.co/1xW5XIDVyG

  14. Not in this game... not in this game ^^ I noticed it right away ;3 https://t.co/apmfxqFL62

  15. @MichaelAllar @PeterLNewton @B_Thax @shmaba To check his power level, what else? ;p

  16. RT @Persona_Central: Persona 5 Costume Announced as Pre-order Bonus for Sonic Forces - https://t.co/y7sXCdnpIS https://t.co/xanVkryMmg

  17. Overwatch event ends so time to go back to Persona 5 ;3

  18. Theres few issues 1.Aside of FIFA, LoL, Starcraft and maybe also Street Fighter and MvC (which consitly is in EVO) games don't have long life time 2.Lack of unified international federations to uniformly regulate the "discipline" 3.Lack of national diversity in popular games, they usally donated by Koreans and Japanese 4.Most impotent issue is fact that games are not product of free ideas as traditional sport, but products of commercial company and lot depends on them. The problem is computer games can't go to public sector as traditional sport as they are tied by there private makers If any game has chance to go to Olympics it is FIFA, as it only game series that have esport scene backing of international sport federation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_Interactive_World_Cup
  19. After 18 years is "long time" (well if Calgary gets 2026 it might be earlier) and live streaming requires cable subscription anyway, where i in my small Poland i could watch Olympics live on terrestrial TV and have full access to 14 OBS international feeds on internet for free. Even Discovery deal have much lesser approach and it sell sublicences to local broadcasters an i still be able to watch live, even if it's gonna be EuroSport, probably because they can't pull this kind of BS (sorry i can't call it other way) in european countries. Sorry but this NBC deal is disaster for US viewer imo.
  20. Hehe this will be first time since long time US citizens will be able to see opening ceremony live ;p
  21. With European Championships around (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Championships_(multi-sport_event)) which holds the core of the Olympics this event does not have much future, more and more federations will start to jump the ship where is more money and atletics alone in it considering it replaces existing event gurranties that. If this continues EOC probably need to give up and try to plug in to European Championships somehow, since as it is now i don't see how they could play this out. I bet Lukashenko himself or even Putin might not be impressed by it, no body knows that something happened in Baku few years ago.
  22. Yea i don't think IOC will be happy about those medals either, they probably need to remove Olympic logos and change traditional side of medal
  23. Peace of mind for the next 5-6 years? They only gained 2-3 year window of free time after 2019 (not counting YOG), next they need to select 2026 winter host which are more problematic as 2024 shown, yes there is Calgary, but 2024 also had Oslo you know ;p As said before in some thread, this double host selection of old big fish hosts kind of making Agenda 2020 not as effective for summer games for next decade, no new host for 3 games summer games. Also it's little unfair with potential 2028 bidders that will need to wait for 2032 selection.
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