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  1. On 6/25/2019 at 5:58 AM, Roger87 said:

    I would say in inverse order and let's see if Norway wants to do it now (Or even Poland :D )

    After Kraków 2024 debacle and current spicy political situation (which shifted drastically from back then) i would not expect any Olympic bid from Poland anytime soon. Government won't risk giving free fuel for current opposition which would use that in instance, they already attack any big investments made by current government. Also on this note European Games bid news gone without much noise for people to even notice, Olympics are way different beast.

  2. 6 hours ago, The Tower Bridge Fox said:

    They should still call it Tokyo  2020 and keep the flame burning, may be hold some small event on the day it should have started.

    My sympathies at the moment are with the People of Tokyo.

    If i'm not mistaken, they actually forced to keep Tokyo 2020 due to trademark/legal issues, change in it when things are already on go would be a struggle, i heard that in case of postponed Euro 2020.

  3. 11 minutes ago, AmaniS said:

    It would have been nice if maybe they used a different goddess. Is that Triumph? Is their not a Japanese equivalent? I like the simplicity of the Tokyo side.

    It's Nike, for Summer Olympics host can only design one side of the medal other one is standard and can not be change without IOC approval (they did exception for Athens 2004 when they change stadium to Greek one). It's also reason why summer Olympic medals don't look as crazy as winter once, as this limitation prevents total medal shape change and making holes, it need to. Paralympic medals obviously don't have that limitation but since it kind of sister event they as plain as Olympic one to keep similarity, like all other graphics and logos.

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  4. Sorry for double post but forgot to mention. Kraków by it self is probably number 1 place you can go to Poland as tourist, it's formal capitol of Poland and has lot of our history in it, there lot of things to visit. Entire surrounding area is probably most colorful and traditional one, including Zakopane which is called "winter capitol of Poland" it vicinity was reason why Karków was considered winter Olympic candidate. It's a lot of better region then Warsaw which lot of historic sites been destroyed in WWII or vicinity of Silesia Stadium (Chorzów) which is mainly industry mining region (but it has own traditional taste).

    Also worth mention there famous salt mine in Wieliczka new Kraków which sometimes alos used as event venue:


  5. 7 hours ago, Hansfromdenmark said:

    Are there any good arenas for swimming in Krakow/Katowice? if it would be matched together (i know it probably wont). 

    And are there any views of arenas that they will use in the Krakow 2023 bid? A bid book? anything? 

    Them most biggest venue is Kraków Arena which now have sponsor name Tauron Arena, is a largest indoor arena in Poland, 5th in Europe with capacity of 22k. In sports so far was used as volleyball (which is probably most successful team sport in Poland), handball (which we had successes but know it in downfall outside of clubs) and ice hokey (which we stuck in doorstep of elite group),  It definitely be used someway. It's newest and most ready for anything venue in there


    Biggest outdoor venue is probably Stadion Miejski stadium with capacity of 33k, the football club Wisła Kraków which is it's operator had a lot of financial problems this season barely making alive this season. In Kraków 2024 winter Olympics plans it was considered as ceremony venue.


    Other then that i don't know much of venues in Kraków, but in case of indoor venues there should not be a problem as every polish city has plenty of them.

    I found this articule showing pictures of variues of them in current state in perspective of European games:


    I will translate them, in case of stadium it is mention it needs some renovation most impotently it needs road way in for vehicles if it will be considered for ceremony.

    The biggest pain ofcorse is outdoor atletics venue, there not much of those in Poland (ofcorse except small once that looks like one used in YOG in Buenos Aries) and it's main reason why regardless of being one of top nations (top in Europe always competing with UK in European medal tables) we never host any outdoor senior championships, as said before newly reopened Silesia Stadium is the first stadium in Poland which is top IAAF class stadium that can host serior europe and world events. The articule above mentioned Wawel Arena bad condition but with new tracks:



    There possibility of using AWF (university) atletic stadium, but it would need ot be expanded:


    Therep plan to build 50m olympic swimmingpool, they mention that local area people do protests over it


    New planned Wisła indoor hall, they mention they have problem financing it so far:


    Planed Yacht dock in near by Płaszów, also looking for extra cash


    There already build mountain canoe track :


    Near by there "4th stage" of expantion of sport complex with tenis courts, also looking for extra cash:


    There also old courts near Wawel, but it needs renovation:


    Articule also mentioned there plan of building stadium of 4.5k cappacity in Garbarni sport club


    There also Carcovia (2nd Kraków football club) Stadium with capacity of 15k, articule mention one of the sides is made to easily transform in to concert field


    Nowa Huta stadium that is considered to be replaced:


    AWF hall with capacity of 1k


    Hutnik sport club hall with cappcity of 1k


    New Cracovia indoor hall also 1k capacity


    Newly build stadium of Prądniczanki sport club also 1k capacity:


    Rest of galley shows venues in Minsk to compare

    I cal also tell that city have a large expirance to host street cycling as it frequently been used as a time stage for Tour de Pologne which is biggest cycling event in Poland also part of UCI tour. Entire region around Kraków is used multiple time for it.

    The indoor cycleing track can be the problem as only such track in Poland is Prusków Arena near Warsaw, but it very good venue hosting top UCI events but in different part of Poland:


  6. 10 hours ago, Hansfromdenmark said:

    As joined bid it could be Hamborg/Berlin. Amsterdam/Bruxelles. Copenhagen/Malmö (i would love the last one of course), and not being wellknown in Poland cities and fascilities, why not Krakow and another Poland city? This stadium in a Katowice near by could easily be the Athletics for example (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silesian_Stadium).

    Ever since renovated stadium since PZLA trying to get major event on that stadium, since we one of top athletics nations (specially on field) but we never had venue to host any bigger athletics event until now. Ironically this stadium titled "national stadium" by football fans as we usually win qualifiers with big teams there, British even called it "Coldron of Witches", which to this day polish media nicknaming this stadion that way, but ever since new "National Stadium" for EURO 2012 was build in Warsaw they name was moved there, you can still hear some hardcore football fans saying that true "national stadium" is in Silesia xd. Now PZLA try to make this stadion "National Athletics Stadium".

    But PZLA really don't like idea of multi sport European Championships as it complicates things for them. They try to propose candidature for 2022 but plan supposedly involved multiple polish cities but they give up the idea as ECM wants to host everything in single city and now trying to get pre-Olympic European Championship in 2024. But i hoping since now we got big event in Kraków year before and farther away from Olympics they might be more interested to participate, but i can see them go opposite way if they get that 2024 event.

  7. 16 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    I think most of the Italians who follow this thing, already know.  The bid enjoys an 83% public support.  That's what won it for Italy + Stockholm's ditzy, rebel mayor lost ii for her city when she announced that she would not sign the Host City Contract.  What kind of mayor would that be to entrust your games to? 

    Bach just said the same thing ;]

  8. 13 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Hans, the even years between the Olympic/Leap years belong to the Men's World Cup, the CWG, the Olympic WOGs and the Summer Youth OGs -- all competing for the same global sponsor dollar, hence Swimming and Athletics do not join the Euro Games.  Besides, you would be adding another 2,000 - 2,500 athletes (+ coaches, judges, referees)  to the Euro Games if you included Swimming & T&F; so that would be nearing the demands of an Olympic Games -- which is now very dicey.  BTW, notice that the IOC is meeting while the Euro Games are going on, so I think you will see the Euro Games as big as they are right now.  

    I don't think problems are not sponsors, you got European Athletics Association hosting outdoor european championships between football Euro and 1.5 month to go Olympics, 2 biggest sport events for European countries in the year. I think major obstacle is events calendar and actual willingness for athletes to participate, as the major focus for EAA and main star athletes this year is world championship, and as you can see they don't multi sport event on even between Olympic year near World Cup (in fact they do that to get more sponsors interested), but they don't want to give up as European Championship (which btw is probably worst name they could pick, it near impossible to find any news about it) is a bundle of already established events associated to those European federations to EOC and Olympic banner independent to them. So there lot of conflicts and issues not really related sponsors to those two events and i think thats the main problem

    If European games fails (as it's in worse situation from the two), they either will need to give up the idea or talk to European Championship Management to give some kind of patronage to European Chempionship at least (for example to move European qualifier to Olympics to there)... or even turn entire thing to european Games as Hans suggests, which i think is valid possibility.

    WOG does not count as it concerns complitly different set of sport federations and YOG as well as junior sport events live in compliantly different layer of minor sport events which only interest really hardcore fans. There is really no major european events in those years and again you got european sport federations willing to make multisport event in that time spot.


  9. It's offical, Kraków will host the 2023 games, i actually didn't know we did bid. After Kraków 2024 winter olympic games bid debacle... im really happy about it, maybe it will improve confidence in hosting bigger events if done well ^^


    Well i hope we manage to boost popularity of those games since i like the idea, this will be biggest event since Euro 2012 in Poland imo, it will definitely be bigger then World Games 2017. Since Athletics is our main Olympic discipline i hope we will manage to fix this aspect of the those games.

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  10. I had some login issues so i could not comment ealier on opening ceremony.  I really like it for what it was budget wise, the performance on obelisks impressed me. Only think i don't liked is combined entrice of athletes and do that with flags instead, i know it was always a issue, but imo it is one of things that people watch opening ceremonies for, they want to see there delegation walking in and also see what other nations has to offer, the flag entrance was really time reduction for commentators to say something about country made them fill it with very pointless quick info about them which made me cringe sometime, instead of saying something that let you look forward to see from them. i can let it go for YOG which is intent to be low budget as not much people are interested in junor events, but i really hope this won't move over to other games.

    About games itself so far they really look low budget... which is actually good thing. This my first YOG that i watch everyday, atleast at night where there most medal events on. I was really suppriced about there athletics venue which looks like typical athletic stadium in some small village in Poland, which explain why they did opening on the streets :p We organized Junior World championships in Poland on way bigger mid-size stadium. I also really liked breakdance events, i like atmosphere of it and i can see it fit YOG... but don't kind of see it fit adult games

    So far for Poland not much success, but one supprice, so far only 3 medals.... but all of them in swimming, sport that kind of floored after Otylia Jędrzejczak left which is good sign and we even get first non-mixed YOG medal in team event there. I kind of hope we get something more in athletics as this is our main Olympic sport. I would be really happy if we got alteast 10 medals ;p

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