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  1. this defiantly look like 6-7 earthquake https://t.co/961j8JXfMz #Hawaii

  2. RT @type99arisaka: これすき https://t.co/wkAuNZdi6G

  3. RT @trgrrl: today is the only day you can retweet this. https://t.co/GpWxqcMc3c

  4. @wanwansun 私がこの戦を遊んだ時はみんな99lvあった ;p

  5. @UnrealEngine So far there nothing that prevents me to participate on this one, so i try to perticipate

  6. @NZGoebbelsa @sadfdsfsd_ Ja bym się na jego miejscu martwił o stan UE jeżeli ich ważny urzędnik idzie bez ochrony :p

  7. RT @ConnAbbotto: EXCLUSIVE: Preview of Haru's All Out Attack from P5A https://t.co/qWfzGNryhp

  8. @BartoszN6 @MarcinPo3 Ojej widzę materiał na korwinowca ;p coś kiepsko śledzisz politykę i ogranicza się do TVNu gd… https://t.co/QW4Z92mx5y

  9. RT @purinharumaki: は?????????????????????????めっちゃ上手いんやけど??????????????????????まんたさんmaimai全然やってねーのに https://t.co/yYBS01eplY

  10. RT @AeroArtwork: It's finally time! I would like to announce my large scale Sonic Mania mod! Sonic Gaiden promises to add 10 New Original Z…

  11. @Luos_83 PillowOmniverse? :p

  12. RT @piplupfan77: sonic adventure was a groundbreaking game https://t.co/a8HUCqrBcq

  13. RT @WorldAndScience: Bombardier Beetle when threatened, sprays the attacker with a mixture of boiling hot chemicals. https://t.co/QK5qSGbc6P

  14. RT @chrisevansart: https://t.co/RPDDI3iFkM https://t.co/pU14pyYnIg

  15. RT @rizuNM: 待ち受け用 https://t.co/6ET3xHzfZJ

  16. @Luos_83 I actully use that for niagara experiments

  17. RT @Persona_Central: The English version of Persona 5 was released 1 year ago today, on April 4, 2017. https://t.co/GizEwmHRV5

  18. RT @Harada_TEKKEN: Harada certified as Bandai Namco's first professional gamer. 原田Pこと億千万京兆がバンダイナムコ初の公認プロゲーマーに。 #TEKKEN #eSports #鉄拳 #プロゲーマー…

  19. RT @xxuelie: OMG I LAUGEHD SO HARD https://t.co/UXquVS9H9n

  20. RT @GhostHostLauren: I just got killed by a mf turkey #FarCry5 #PS4share https://t.co/qquduA7Wo3

  21. RT @IGN: This Ocarina of Time tech demo using the Unreal 4 engine is GORGEOUS! Special thanks to CryZENx​ for his awesome work! https://t.…

  22. RT @thefranke: #DXR #Raytracing #dankmemes https://t.co/y5a0E7IYx0

  23. @Polityka_wSieci @Platforma_org @pisorgpl @Nowoczesna @partiarazem @sldpoland Biedna SLD może być tylko gościem w mediach :p

  24. RT @Luos_83: holy **** i just.. #niagara @UnrealEngine

  25. RT @ROBINS: when u a gamer but u also finish your 10-step korean skincare routine before u log onto steam https://t.co/A5BaQFeR7A

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