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  1. These game are a trainwreck, no way is Rio ready to host them
  2. For now the Look of the games are the swimming turds in the sailing waters.
  3. So far a great showing for my little country in the most western corner of europe, 2 gold medals (table tennis and Taekwondo) and several silver medals in canoeing. The guy that won the gold medal on taekwondo is from my hometown.
  4. That airport reminds me of Aeroporto Sá Carneiro, the closest airport here, and one of the best medium sized airport in Europe
  5. You can't inherit only the good things
  6. never seen that one here, must be from the south, they have scorpions over there too.
  7. Viracopos' general manager is portuguese, so that may explain in part the tardiness of the works, we aren's know to keep public works on budget and on time, lol.
  8. there's no need for that, that cartoon was a caricature of the tardiness of some works related to the world cup, I know brazil has plenty of modern airports, even yesterday Portugal landed on Viracopos, the Campinas' airport, supposedly one of the best in brazil.
  9. My mistake, I was under the impression it was from Manaus, the portuguese spiders are very small, nothing really comparable to that beast, lol.
  10. For me seeing that giant spider in the hotel in Manaus put that whole region on the never visit list, I hate spiders.
  11. I think this is from a brazillian newspaper, quite funny
  12. Who would tought that South Africa would have a better world cup preparation than Brazil.
  13. Don't put them in the same bucket, it is the same as comparing the brazillian media with the argentinian, colombian or venezuellan. Lot's of different cultures in europe. For example the portuguese media is far from arrogant, too much subserviant at times, the french, spanish and french media are quite arrogant, but europe has more that 50 countries, all with their own idionsincracies, so you have to be careful with those broad statements.
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of games live, but between ticket prices, airfares and accomodation, it's a lot of cheddar, 5 or 6 month's wages, no way. Woudn't mind finding out if brazillians make a better Caipirinha than me, I doubt it, but you never know, lol.
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