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  1. It's sad that the EU, which has been such a successful co-operation project is viewed this badly in parts of europe incl. UK. Generation Erasmus is growing up and younger people and politicians in continental europe (even in my own country, which has voted 'no' twice due to historical traumas with unions) are increasingly confident in thinking in european terms. My belief is that neither the UK nor the EU will benefit from this, and a successful brexit no matter how absurd it sounds, will be the victory of negative energy over positive energy, of nationalism over co-operation and of noise o
  2. I'd say Müller, but he prob should have done more in the final. Had it been him and not Götze, he would've taken it for sure. I agree that Messi played well.
  3. Fantastic tournament Brazil. One of the most enjoyable sporting events I can remember. Germany has a great team individually and collectively. The fact they were missing Khedira tonight, had maybe their best offensive talent injured (Reus) before the WC and could still bring in Götze and Schürrle from the bench is telling of the depth of talent in the german squad. When they're playing as well as a team as they do with simultaneous movements, one touch passing and players in front of the ball it's almost impossible to defend against, even for Argentina who's played insanely well defensively
  4. "This page" as in this thread or gb.com? If so, i'm afraid you've misunderstood me. It's a messed up world, that's for sure.
  5. Then we disagree. I've seen many deserved tributes to those who sacrificed their lives during the landing of Normandy, but too often and for too long has the war crimes inflicted upon the civilian population been an untold story. The bombings of Normandy were not a necessary evil and usually overlooked. The SS divisions especially were monsters, and we presumably all agree that the regime they represented was pure evil if it ever existed. The general sentiment is though, as evidenced here, that whichever evils we did were necessary, which I vehemently disagree with, although I recognize the
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Normandy You can see the references on wikipedia. I don't know why the estimates vary, but whether it was less than 40 000 or 50 000 isn't significant. I agree that war crimes are generally part of war, however I think we should have come far enough to tell the entire story of the war, even when our side fought a regime that was an embodiment of evil. There was a culture of total destruction with little to no concern for civilian loss among officers in the british and american air forces. In the trade off between "our soldiers" and the security
  7. Please also remember the ca 50 000 civilian casualties in Normandy of allied bombings before, during and after the d-day. Bombing raids that were largely inefficient and counter-productive. For some reason, they never seem to be mentioned in all those great documentaries and TV shows. While each and every allied soldier risking their lives did something honourable and extremely important, it's discomforting to see a story generally told so partially. It's understandable that we want to glorify the generation that liberated europe from the nazis, but there was lots of rape and looting in Norma
  8. Small birds are whispering from the corridors of government, and they're telling us "no". Looks like the progress party will shut down the bid, but it's very unconfirmed. Since I've grown colder to the idea of OSL2O22, I'm not too bummed. Bitter for the bid org who prob felt very close to the prize (, or the bill). But it would make the race very interesting. Feels like an Agatha Christie novel.
  9. 5 positives, but 4 are for the known contaminant Methylhexhanamine. Basically, everyone who gets caught for this stimulant will use the "vitamin", "sports gel" "energy bar" defence, cause it's known to be a contaminant in some of these products without being on the label. So as an athlete you can try to prove that it was a mistake as the cyclist Rui Costa succesfully did, but that will certainly take some effort and hard evidence. Many athletes might use this stimulant for its performance enhancing effect, we simply don't know, or they were just stupid and unlucky. It's just hard to believ
  10. Yea, I noticed that... very weird. Apparently, the IOC had a press release out earlier tonight, but they removed it. I'm thinking they're doing some information control, making sure his family knows and that all the right persons and federations are aware, or someone has screwed up.
  11. Norwegian media reports that Johannes Dürr's sudden rise to "stardom" (3rd at TdS this year) might have been fuelled by EPO. He went back to Austria to prepare for tomorrow's 50 kms. When you do EPO, you have a time window of.., I believe 24-48h depending on the dose, where you don't want to get tested, but the performance enhancing effect lasts much longer. He obviously didn't expect to be tested in Austria when everyone was in Sochi, but he was and it turned positive for EPO. This might be a break through for what has been reported as the doping hunters being more focused on suspicious a
  12. Hearing that it's a stimulant. Could still be that she messed up with some "vitamins" or maybe partied too hard. It's useless to test for EPO/blood-doping during the olympics anyways, so I'm always surprised that people get caught by the IOC testing, which I consider almost to be ceremonial. Except when they have had a breakthrough testing method that hasn't been revealed to the field. Olympic testing probably more relevant in 4 or 8 years time, as the revelations from Turin suggests.
  13. I'm skeptical towards politicising the olympics even further. Not because LGBT rights isn't important or shouldn't be a topic of criticism and discussion in conjunction with the olympics, but because politicising it also means subjecting the "human rights critique" to existing power structures. In other words, "human rights issues" will be defined by "us". For those who've read Chomsky, they would know that the US is per definition never opposed to the peace process. If someone opposes the US in a conflict zone, they are per definition opposed to the peace process. The Olympics really shouldn'
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