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  1. I think it may be relevant that Tokyo 2020 and London 2012 were also repeat hosts. Will the IOC really want 3/4 of the games in a ten-year span to be repeat hosts? Also, I wonder if the key to beating Paris may be to differentiate from it. Maybe I am just spinning my wheels, but I feel that an LA games and a Paris games pose very similar offerings (well-cultured gigacities in large developed countries that have hosted previously). Except Paris will always beat LA on these metrics (Paris has a much longer gap since its previous games and its culture is much more developed than LA's). Boston definitely offers a greater contrast to Paris. It is a megacity, but not a gigacity and it is probably going to propose a much more intimate/intense games rather than a sprawling one. But who knows? Maybe the IOC won't be able to stomach anything but a gigacity orgy in which case the USOC probably shouldn't be bidding at all.
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