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  1. I still consider Paris to be the favorite, but Hamburg is definitely the strongest contender for 2nd place. We still don't even know what Angelinos reaction will be to being asked to fund a multi-billion dollar vanity project.
  2. Nobody should discount what is coming out of Hamburg. LA's got their work cut out for them if they want to finish 2nd.
  3. BOS has regular air service to SLK which is just a 10 minute drive to Lake Placid. Currently, the flight is on a Cape Air Cessna, which takes 90 minutes, but SLK airport can handle aircraft as large as a B757. Presumably, a larger aircraft could be leased if demand warranted it. I totally understand that in the near term, a winter bid isn't in the cards for either the East or the West until after the US hosts a summer games. My speculation is more general. Presumably, the US is going to host one or two winter Olympics before 2050. What I wonder is if the Eastern half of the country even stands a chance against the West for being picked to host those inevitable American WOGs.
  4. Would Harris Hill in Brattleboro, VT make sense as a ski jumping venue? It's a bit closer to Boston & NYC than Lake Placid.
  5. Also, Park City is more than 2x as far away from either Denver or Reno as Lake Placid is from New York or Boston.
  6. Good points. At this rate, a NYC/Lake Placid bid may be eastern NA's only hope. Fun Fact: Boston-Lake Placid is only 18 miles more than NYC-Lake Placid
  7. Speed skating venues cost an order of magnitude less than a new multipurpose T&F stadium. If a city as small as SLC can find an appropriate legacy for its venues, Boston's far greater population means it can do the same. It all comes down to whether or not Bostonians actually give a damn about sharing their city with the world.
  8. Granted, Bostonians are quite crabby after the SOG bid fiasco, but Boston makes much more sense as a host for the ice events than Albany. Unlike the summer bid, there won't be any silly discussions about velodromes or T&F stadia without legacies. The potential hosts out West certainly offer better options, but I think Boston/Killington remains the best chance of a winter Olympics in the eastern half of North America so long as the IOC is willing to bend the rules for the Stockhom/Ares of the world.
  9. So does this mean that there will be no more Winter Olympics in the eastern half of North Americar?
  10. The "well-oiled machine" in action. You know, there's a reason these guys were unable to achieve a majority of the board's support last January.
  11. BOR-ING! I don't know why the USOC is going along with this mess. Let Paris host the '24 games and spend the next four years looking for the best candidate for '28.
  12. You guys are forgetting about politics. The City of Los Angeles won't be signing the taxpayer guarantee to be the financial backstop for the games, the State of California will be. This is why I referred to Sacramento. Now, you have a bunch of politicians from NoCa being asked to fund a party in SoCa. Putting a couple events in the Bay area to placate those NoCa political interests might be what they need to do.
  13. Even a solo LA bid is a surefire loser. Tacking SF on at least lets the USOC find out how serious those 2020 reforms are. It also placates Sacramento, who would be the financial guarantor.
  14. I think the USOC is trying decide between a solo LA bid or a joing SF-LA bid.
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