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  1. And though this is less of a rational argument but more of a personal , deep conviction....Do you honestly think Anglo-saxon voters and their affiliates will favor Paris over Durban or any US ? It's my personal opinion that they won't. Probably for another city...But for Paris...Never.
  2. ? Paris stands no chance against a South Af bid & the first games ever held in Africa, and both you and I know it. You're also underestimating the US (whichever candidate they choose !), you're talking about knocking Paris off but don't you think the Americans too might be tired of getting knocked back ? Don't you think it's gonna be hard to knock them back again as well ? Do you think the deciders will reject a US bid when the last summer games held in North Am. was Atlanta 96, at the benefit of a city that's located just 300 kms away from London which had them in 2012 (2 hrs away by
  3. Yes, I "know", FYI. But those "technocrats" are just here to fund and give money, and let the professionals do the job afterwards. For the funding the provide, they may have a consultative role at the maximum, but that's it. And you know why ? Because this is not their job. Period. To each their jobs. The technorats and businessmen' job is to make money, fine. Then if they have an interest they should give the money, a right to give advice, and that's all. Politicians but most of all athletes, sport officials and people from civil society (selected experts) then have to do the job. Managemen
  4. Lol have you ever considered how many insane, or mentally fragile people may use your photo for whatever purposes once they're on the internet.? And when they're on it, they're on it...it's too late and your fault. You're responsible for posting it. Not that I wanna make you worried but when it happens to you once, you may think twice next time you wanna leave your photos on a website. No scare here....I'd just rather choose
  5. S.Pompougnac ft Giselle - Crave you

  6. Let me reword that for you : a bunch of technocrats who don't know a da*n thing about sport or the olympic context are trying to launch a bid that is foredoomed because they believe it's gonna boost their own business. I hope it now still sounds as "great" and exciting...
  7. Interesting idea. Not a big fan of posting a picof me on any website though. But I'm willing to answer such a request privately if anyone asks so... Someone here already knows what i look like though. Another newbie like me from Norway...
  8. Definitely one of those things you can flaunt when you're a guy. When you're a girl, you gotta....use diplomatic language and numbers.
  9. Lionel Messi (ARG) Cristiano RONALDO (POR) Neymar (BRA) Thomas MÜLLER (GER) Claudio MARCHISIO (ITA) - this one may sound a bit more surprising but there's always an unexpected -or an outsider- player that comes out as one of the WC's stars in the end. Idk why, but I feel like this year, it's gonna be him. I know L.Suarez isnt in my top 5 but against all odds, I dont think he'll make a great WC. I think (and hope) Uruguay will, just dont feel he'll be at his best. Just my view...!
  10. La Forza del Destino - Verdi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81OLAGWa5rA ...Though the year's gonna be what it chooses to be anyway, best wishes to everyone, especially those in need or facing disappointments. 2014: same spirit, same energy !

    1. Palette86


      Long time no see you! Happy new year to you.

    2. Pixie_Victoria
  11. Psycho suite - Bernard Hermann (BBC orch) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYPu4zWLWzs

    1. Rob.


      Wrote my disseration (or at least part of it) on Hermann. Brilliantly economic with his music...personally think Vertigo is his best score.

    2. Pixie_Victoria


      Great. Happy you enjoyed then.

  12. You know my name - J.Bond OST (The Philarmonic Orch.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gEisFJ0gBM

  13. As I said, we'll see. I wish the best to team Canada, but I do not think they'll get gold @ Sochi . But we'll see !
  14. After seeing him win a silver this year at the winter x games europe in Tignes (FRA), I'm thinking maybe Jossi Wells in ski slopestyle can do it for NZ ? He'll definitely be one to watch for our kiwi friends... For Oz, I guess 4 medals is a very realistic goal.
  15. Precisely. That's what I meant by tougher, I was targeting the men's ice hockey which is going to be the toughest element of the 4.The teams you mentioned are indeed gonna be serious opponents, and if I were you, I wouldn't forget about the Czechs and the rising Swiss outsiders (they beat you at the last Worlds). But again it's possible and we'll follow that
  16. Gonna be tougher than in Vancouver for you guys I think. But always possible. I know lots of Canadians who are gonna fall in deep depression if their men's hockey team doesn't win lol Seems like you'll be well-served in that area... For me....Iouri Podladchikov, Andreas Kofler, Andreas Wellinger, Scotty Lago....there'll be quite a few What a proof of trust. And perseverance. That truly what the spirit of olympism is about .... Best of luck to Sven, he sounds like a truly nice guy.
  17. Very interesting video, and definitely dramatic for Kramer...Something he'll remember all his life. I guess he thanked his coach many times after that.... I'll sure be looking forward to his event to see if he gets it. And I'll know what will be on his mind before the race as well.
  18. You can't help it, can you.... I agree that any unexpected nation winning a medal in a wog is a great thing (am I starting to rub off on you ? ).. It's not gonna be Australia anymore as Australia now has many athletes capable of winning medals at winter games, which is awesome. But it'd be nice if it happened with a small delegation. I always knew that your critics towards him were hiding the fact that he's your idol... Nice choice, especially as it will be a first for that event in Sochi. It will trigger a lot of curiosity and interest indeed...
  19. Tame Impala - Elephant !

  20. Forgot a link...short interview of Yuri Podladchikov for Russia Today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJAIb7GubQM
  21. I'm not supporting anyone. (unlike you).
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