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  1. I still remember the days when this forum was still active and triggered some enthusiasm among some fans...Geez how fast time goes by. That was yesterday. Yep, yep, sad news....time to say farewell to our dear friends from Sweden. That was a good job though
  2. Some people just like to watch the same show over n over again 30 times. Then wonder where their feeling of boredom comes from. Not much you can do... Others just don't give a da*n about "the olympic idea" (which is what members of the olympic are logically asked to do though - forget about their own national stakes and neutrally work in favor of olympism only) and just have their national interest in focus. Sad and anachronistic, but same thing...Nothing we can do about it. That's why. Once more; no one is saying that our dear old traditional nations should never host again ( how crazy woul
  3. And another Grammy for Daft Punk....yaya..#awesomenight #vivelafrance

  4. Some may have misunderstood my words apparently... I can honestly believe that the IOC and olympism can survive a pull out by Sweden? I can understand that some may have welcomed the idea of a WOG in Sweden favourably but I can hardly understand some of the strange laments I've read here and there. As for saying it is a very victory, I do confirm that this is, a victory. In terms of victory for the people that were -rightfully I think- underlying the unrealistic face of that bid. Against all those who were, against all odds, supporting this bid without pragmatism or even realism. And who se
  5. Now tell me this isn't the most beautiful anthem of the world..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA3i8DoVhCs.

  6. Thumbs up to that ! I'm happy to see this really good news, and this resounding victory for our side. The side of reason and pragmatism that Baron, Athensfan, Lord David, myself and a few other people are part of. A victory also for the true genuine spirit of olympism, always concerned about the universality of the games, and a constant will to renew the games with new, innovative ideas and concepts. And I m sure this victory is the first one of a long series. Good news !
  7. Lmao and the Russians have put themselves to shame for months now.... Da*n....Does anyone have a good antidote now ?
  8. Pixie_Victoria.....Pixie for the Pixies (the rock band) and it's one of my nicknames (hey Tom if you read this), Victoria because of its latin meaning. Yeah...I know...zzzzz...boring.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAZThzWP4JE = more of him
  10. Yes, THAT is skinny for a man....G.Cuenot is just fit.
  11. Salome de Bahia - Festejar

    Para 14', o ano do Brasil...uma soluçao: festejar !!
    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Do you speak portuguese? That's nice! Hope you like this sound too ;)

  12. Awww Im sure that wasnt directed to you mrbernham lol
  13. Agreed. That's why I also mentioned S.Lago and F.Bourzat
  14. I don't like him. Probably good for a cougar who likes a man looking like a 1980's playboy. Can't post pics but I much prefer Gaspard Cuenot (http://gaspard-jules-cuenot.ch/index.php?id=20), Iouri Podladtchikov, Fabian Bourzat (http://instagram.com/nathaliepechalat), Scotty Lago.@@scottylago
  15. Arno & Stromae - Putain, putain

  16. All the factors I've mentioned in a previous post annihilate this in my eyes, and I do not think (I'm sure) it's not something that could have importance for the decision of 2024. I'm sure it's not something that could have importance in the decision of 2024*
  17. What's funnier to me is how people don't seem to learn from the past, give a "favourite status" to Paris and explain us how it is bound to win ( 2012 ...cough cough* ) everytime there's the shadow of a likelihood of a bid. Or maybe it's just a deep will to spend a romantic week with their lover in Paris...Lord knows. I'll agree to disagree and just say see you in 2017 to those who think so.
  18. ? Are you being serious ? We were kidding...Humourous-toned messages, you know ?!
  19. Nope ! Not mine. I kept the safe sides of 1996 Paranoid huh...Why ? Why do you say that ? You got something in mind, don't you...
  20. I literally hate it. Glad we got our outfit. But well...H&M...What more can you do.
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