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  1. Anyone's allowed to give things a deeper thought and adopt the right position. That was just a first thought and impression. No, I never told you but I doubt you were interested so... It's not even about me or you, or what I think anyway, independently from me, the issues I raised are serious and real. There should be no taboo. All I can say.
  2. * by 'oslo supporters' in the last sentence i of course meant the official supports & team
  3. I think you got it. Even without taking any stand, the debate can be open and it should be . there should be no taboo subject as long as it has a relation with the topic and it can have an influence on the decision process. As much as I hate to mention it, the amateurism shown by the Oslo police on those tragic occasions undoubtedly raise a concern if games were to be held in this town. So did the attacks. The extremist climate, the social problem that the norwegian society's facing with the surge of far-right activism leading to a huge hostility towards LGBT, immigrants, is a reality. And t
  4. Saying China's dynamic isn't a way to endorse it as a candidate. Human rights is a totally different question, I could tell you what I think about it Stefan, and whether I do support a Chinese bid but I thought this was the Oslo thread ? I mean, really... We're talking about the specific situation of Norway here; and the US doesn't have a government that includes far-right politicians and hasn't known a surge of extremism. If you do not agree with my stands - and you're allowed not to - just say why you do not think it's true or disagree, rather than insulting me. That's how a forum works.
  5. Gentlemen...I hope you're aware there are 2 of you attacking a woman lol Of course muslim extremism is just as bad. Not the point here at all. Stef...Its not about ignoring, it's that your posts are so besides the point, it is becoming hard to answer you. Most of the time you're unable to discuss something peacefully (like now, you sound like you're on acid), you do not explain your points or expose your ideas, but just say how that person's posts are "mindless", "hilarious" , "naive", or "scandalous". That doesn't make people feel like answering, you know...I mean, I could do that too b
  6. If security - or rather events that demonstrate flaws in security -, and surge of far-right extremism in a society aren't factors you'd take into account to determine whether to host games in a city, I think those are very serious issues and it should enter the debate and be raised. No one needs to be desperate to see elements shadowing the oslo bid, they're just here for us to grasp. And I'm not the only one, so, no despair, dont worry.
  7. Fan of the new Chanel red lipstick...http://www.chanel.com/fr_FR/parfums-beaute/Maquillage-Rouges-à-Lèvres-ROUGE-ALLURE-131250?sku=131266&WT.srch=1&WT.mc_id=FB_RougeAllure_fr_FR_Google&WT.mc_t=sea

  8. You against me, eh...I have a feeling of deja vu (and not just here) Yes...they're not far right , yet they "disgust' you and they're "xenophobic" ? That's a bit strange if I may say. They have the sympathy of A.B Breivik (as his manifesto shows), who has many friends within this party; when you read Breivik's views on homosexuals, I really don't know how you could deny the anti-gay stance of this extremist party. Btw, they also recently had the visit of their friends of the FN Youth, and his director - Julien Rochedy - as shown on his own twitter account, where he said he spend a nice time
  9. You should focus on the topic and the ideas, not on the posters. But about the subject itself now, this is of course just an operation of communication. No country is a heaven of tolerance, and it's a form of manipulation to want to appear this way. I'm completely opposed to the russian laws that are untimely, backward, and wrong. I found the recent parallel drawn by V.P between homosexuality and pedophilia absolutely vile, and sickening. (but maybe forgivable as I'm not even sure he knows what he's talking about?). But then again, it is completely useless to make a list of what the legisla
  10. Lol. Divergences on specific topics are always allowed. And the question of pragmatism isn't what's at stake here...
  11. A gay choir...Yeah... The idea seems good at first sight and a great reaction to Russia's games. Let's just hope no one gets deluded and fooled by that, and what looks like a clumsy attempt to look like the heaven of tolerance. This is not something that the final decision will be based on, and I've met the most homophobic people of my life while I was living in... Denmark. Things aren't as simplistic as the oslo machine seems to want people to believe, and I'm sure most of the LGBT community will be clever enough to know that.
  12. Here too, it all depends on what you consider to be "safe". In terms of a guarantee to hold games that will run smoothly , I see no reason not to consider Krakow as a safe host. But if by "safe" you are automatically thinking about a traditional host, then I told you the necessity to spread the games and to avoid giving them to the same places eternally was just as important (if not more). And in that perspective, I said in my previous that Krakow indeed sounded like the good balance, the good compromise. But then again, I see no reason not to think Krakow could be a safe choice after all. A
  13. Going for a safer choice doesn't necessarily mean going back to this place, again. There are other options for a "safe" host for 2022. I know what you're going to say, that Oslo is the only one bidding. But there's a good balance between safety, and not always giving the games to the same people. Krakow seems to be the good compromise for that, safe enough, and new destination (not to mention - passionate people). It also really depends what definition of "safe" you got...Pyeongchang is a safe choice to me. Sochi wasn't. The IOC has gone new horizon for 2018. I don't think it's gone "risky".
  14. Saw them live...Great band. Revolver - Let's get together

  15. Again, personal stuff that happened out of this forum should remain out of here. No one is interested, trust me. That kind of childish attitude will lead you nowhere... Back to the topic, now.
  16. Yeah...So ? Add Mexico if you want...It doesn't change anything to my point. Even North Am stricto sensu (excluding Mexico) is an important and unavoidable pole for hosting the games.
  17. Haha I was just talking about a particular comment, and indeed it was clear, and even if we don't agree on that particular topic, it had the merit of being moderate and consisted in making his point rather than just say "that comment is this, that comment is that" . Nothing more. Lool a condescending nature bcuz we might have a difference of opinion? FYI , Athensfan and I don't agree here yet I openly appreciated his moderation and ability to talk about the topic itself. I'm not condescending So I don't quite get what you mean...But it's ok.
  18. Always a pleasure to see that some people, although we don't have quite the same position, can be intellectually honest. And capable of debating in a moderate way (like Athensfan), defending and explaining their position rather than just finding injurious adjectives for whatever they don't agree with; which is not only useless but also not very interesting to read. FYI...First, as it's been pointed out, I've never been opposed to the games returning to traditional places. Secondly, the United States, with the diversity it can boast, has a much broader potential for the renewal of the olympic
  19. Lots of English fans in Paris for Le Crunch...Fun times !!

    1. Rob.
    2. Pixie_Victoria


      Haha, I can tell you the UK fans we met on Sat night out were very fast to forget about their defeat.:) And imma tell you what I told them...there's a 2nd one soon ;)

  20. It's an issue Sweden knows how to addess. Stats ... address*
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