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  1. All that you say is true. But the Ned dominated Costa Rica even if it went to shootouts, and I think Mexico was far better than Ghana or Algeria that both made Germany struggle. I would only agree with you about Australia. It's just a feeling, you know, we'll see. Good evening to Venezuela
  2. Read my post again. You have a strange fascination and idealization for Germans that's quite puzzling. When you know many of them, and have known some of them very closely, you'd realize how common and just like anyone else they are. Guess you haven't known enough of them yet in the remote place of the US where you live.
  3. Excuse me but...I really don't get it. Nothing against Germany but what exactly is deserved? Struggling to beat Algeria ? Not even being able to beat Ghana ? Beating Brazil without its best player and play-maker , in a team already psychologically shattered by the loss of Neymar and the national pressure ? This victory was easy and without panache. I would be glad to say Germany deserves to win the WC once we see a convincing performance by them. If any team has been impressive, it's the Dutch.
  4. Lol, what does a gay guy from the US know about football? ( I like gays, mind you) Oh right. Try to consider sport for what it is, not for the players' looks.(And good looks are spread in many parts of the World anyway).
  5. Ofan, don't you know a specific rule in sport which is that, even when you think you should be superior to your opponent, you're not supposed to say it in people's faces and tell the press "yeah, Im much better and I think I'll step on them like on a bug". No. You can be confident but a great champion has to be humble and respect his opponent. Otherwise, it's called arrogance.
  6. Lol, glad to see the level of your language reflects that of the team you support. No one is stirring anything, you re just biased, if you didn't listen to the declarations made before the game, I'm sorry that you didn't follow the WC close enough. Or just admit you like arrogant winners, which is fine.
  7. After all the German declarations made against their team before the game, I think they won't believe in your sudden sportsmanship. And would be right not to.
  8. It's funny that a nation with such a dreadful past allows itself to such demonstrations of arrogance and nationalism (declarations of the German staff before the games against France & Brazil...Köpke saying they weren't playing against "serious" teams etc. Schweinsteiger saying Brazil is "weak"). I thought they were gonna show more humility. Sad day for sport.
  9. Does that really disturb you ? Does that prevent you from enjoying a great World Cup ? No of course, but as usual you'd rather criticize than seeing it's an overall successful world cup. You really are a sad person.
  10. Don't bite Stefan....Sit....Good boy. They've hosted before ? No joke ?! By "new destinations" I think you perfectly know I meant other destinations than our places. But you'd rather be unpleasant and blunt. I'm saying something very basic that even you should agree with. I can understand that the attitude of a few in Europe was seen as disrespectful in Brazil. Apparently you can't. And I don't know if you're talking to me when you recall the thread topic but you should've said it long ago, I've only said one thing that no one else did and had to be said, period. It still amazes me how a na
  11. You shouldn't waste your time. I've always advocated the organization of events in new destinations (olympics, world cups...), and especially by the South and the New Powers that are part of it. Because they've been left aside for too long and world sport events can't be the unique property of traditional western countries. I'm a white European myself but anyone should see that. The cries, criticisms and predictions of failure emanating from a minority are clumsily attempting to hide those people's will to keep the events to themselves and in their countries. But you're proving that : 1 - B
  12. Ha, well yeah, respect is the least you can get when you get Portugal and Ghana out of a World Cup I agree with Danny, even around me, there's hardly anyone who doesn't think the US isn't a dangerous team. What I also like about this team is that they have this very, true American spirit made of enthusiasm, fun, and extreme boldness / courage that makes them so entertaining to watch and that led them where they are now. My Belgian neighbours would hate me for saying that, but if you can maintain that wind of enthusiasm and that state of mind shown since the beginning, you will be able to b
  13. GER / ALG was a huge match... Best of luck to our Belgian & Swiss friends for tomorrow, though it's gonna be hard for both of them.
  14. Lol Thanks. But apart from Koscielny & Giroud , there's no Gunner who regularly plays in team France.
  15. Yaya Pretty tough to wade through the streets of Paris without getting caught by party goers My 3 favorite guys Cabaye, Debuchy & Benzema (in the end) did a good game too, so that's cool. And we'd better party now as Germany s gonna await us in quarter finals....haha. But that would be ok...Germans are awesome people and it'll be fun watching the match with a lot of Germans based in France when it happens. Viel Glück.
  16. Not overly shocked by Suarez's action. Chiellini isn't exactly known for being an extremely honest & straight, fair-play player anyway, and the video clearly shows he provokes Suarez first by putting his shoulder in his face. Italy probably should remember that dirty game can play in her advantage (2006), just as much as it can sink her. I'm sorry for that unfortunate twist of fate, but my eyes are surprinsingly dry at their defeat. That said, Uruguay won fair and with a beautiful goal, I hope Suarez doesn't get too big a sanction so that the chances of a deserving team aren't harmed to
  17. Hmm, most Parisians / French people generally are superficial to the point that they will show interest for a tourist only if they lust after him/ her. Which I agree, is lame. The rest of your post got my agreement.
  18. Give them to the Spaniards. If you really want a European host... Their applause when we lost 2012 , after they had already derailed us in 1992 under the leadership of a former prosecutor & member of the Franco government, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Antonio_Samaranch ) show they'll probably be glad we're not bidding. And they're craving the games. As for us, we're done trying, and we're fine. And polls, paper articles, seem to show a lil more each day that , along with Frenchy, myself and co. , so are the French people. See you in 40-50 years?
  19. Ehm...What exactly do you mean by "you people" ? Just because one poster doesn't know the UK got its money back after 2012 doesn't mean everybody having the same citizenship ignore it. For the rest of it, I think we've said it all, I'm glad to learn the "IOC wants to go back to Europe" (and I admire your obvious ability to know what's in the IOC's mind), but we do not want the games, we want to keep our money, period. We're happy developing national infrastructures (already underway) to help our athletes win medals, and we'll be glad to go party wherever the games are held, .
  20. And Why would anyone in this World run after something they'll never get ? I was already aware of what those polls are showing of course (and im sure the other French members here were too), and it's good to see a gleam of lucidity among the population.
  21. I think he said that because this mix of "stats" really is a joke. Even taking your criterias into account. Ireland and Slovenia being ranked way ahead of Luxembourg and the United Kingdom...Everyone knows that shouldn't be given an ounce of credibility.
  22. Those games were great to watch and the results were much better than expected for us ...A bigger amount of medals than in Vancouver, France finishing ahead of nations such as Sweden, Korea, or China...A triplé in the men's ski cross...proud of our squad
  23. Hmm it depends on what topic . For instance the whole UMP was fiercely against same-sex marriage...they're the old, catholic right wing. Anything shocks them. Their US equivalent would be the Tea Party. The FN is the newer, fresher version of the right side.
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