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  1. Flying to Tel Aviv tomorrow !

  2. Oh if you wanna bring your support to guys who would hang you if they could, you're free to. If I remember well though, you were admitting not long ago that those cartoons had nothing "hateful' and that freedom of speech also implied criticizing religions and their bad sides. But again you're free to support radical people with a deep hatred for you, by using the same arguments as them. I'm straight, I don't really care... Yeah we're so bad aren't we...
  3. You should ask the islamist terrorists that you seem to understand (yeah how dare people draw cartoons) what they think about your gayness....I'm sure they'd treat you very decently. Some people love to lick the hand that whips them...
  4. Yes, that's all indeed. I just hope that you don't feel covered in shame too much.
  5. We can't agree...You keep saying they're hateful cartoons, which they're not in my eyes, you keep talking about hatred when we think the right to criticize a religion is sacred and unquestionable. That's not even the debate anyway. Ask your fellow Aussies from the Lindt Cafe if they had published any cartoon with their prophet. You don't seem to realize you're dealing with psychos. But I've said it all.
  6. Just to conclude...That's probably the best speech I've heard afterwards. Funny at times and very moving.
  7. This cartoon you refer to was precisely meant to criticize - as i said - radical islamism. No moderate muslims took it the wrong way. Charb, the paper's most famous cartoonist, had a girlfriend...And she is Arabic, former Minister (Jeanette Bougrab). Silence is certainly not gonna stop them from doing such unspeakable acts either, it's just going to make you bend. I hope that's not your way of reacting to threats; it's not ours. Also they don't "target a religion and its prophet". If you knew the paper, you'd know everybody s been heavily criticized: Jews, Chrstians too. That's their tone
  8. The cartoons were no where close to islamophobic. Charlie Hebdo is a left/far left newspaper, and the cartoons aimed at denouncing radical islamism. 17 people got killed for that. By the way, a new edition of Charlie Hebdo will come out soon and it'll, of course! contain cartoons of Mahomet. I'll buy it. They don't like it, they'll get even more of these.
  9. Great demonstrations of solidarity all over the country and from all over the world. Today the words of D. Cameron (aint he Europe's best PM), Mrs Merkel, B.Netanyahu particularly touched people more than you could imagine. I personally know people who were close friends to one of the guys in the kosher supermarket. But really, with his citizens dancing in the streets and the support he brought to terror, M. Abbas should have f*** off home (and I don't usually have a foul language). His presence is a shame and a serious insult to the 4 Jewish victims.
  10. She hasn't chosen to born this way. Respect for her and for what she's been through. If they're happy, that's indeed no one's business.
  11. Yes, I agree. 24 teams make it a lot more exciting . It's also a lot fairer as the previous 16-team tournament was just a tournament with the best teams of Europe, those who were expected to qualify. The next Euro gives a much better representation of Europe. It's quite nice to see that we're hosting the first Euro of this kind. I'll definitely go watch some games and you can count on us to make it a great mess...! I share the excitement of the British Isles teams, and it would have been a real pity not to have teams like -for instance- Wales in an intl tournament, with players like Gareth Ba
  12. Enthusiasm is never a crime , sharing ideas is the purpose of such a forum and that's just what we're doing here. No problem here...
  13. From an external point of view, it's pretty funny to see the rest of Europe struggle to qualify for a tournament while we have nothing to do...But that said, I'm pretty thrilled by the performances of teams like Israel, Slovakia, Wales, Austria, Albania or Northern Ireland. Teams that weren't expected to do so good so far. Those qualifiers also look like they're going to be remembered as the awakening of the extra-small teams, San Marino getting a tie, Faroe Islands & Liechtenstein winning games... After watching them play, Slovakia is a team that impressed me very much, their game just
  14. Oh...By the way. While we're there, it was right to mention that this was published by Les Echos. But did you mention that they indeed only published it, and that this "poll" was made by no one else but Uniteamsport. Certainly not a respected institution of journalism like Le Figaro; just a shadowy marketing and communication agency whose business is....Sport. Sport events is what they make money from. Yep, yep... Ehm....Thank you ??
  15. Hmm... Pardon ??? I didn't read that when I read the article. I think you ought to present things in a faithful and honest way to our foreigner friends. This poll is one of those that were designed to get a result that's in favor of the bid. There are only 2 POSSIBLE ANSWERS to a question such as "Do you want Paris to present an olympic bid for 2024 ?": YES or NO. That's all. In that poll -and you're not even mentioning it for everybody so I'll do it- , you have people who answer "I'm very favourable", and those who answer "I'm somewhat favourable" which is a more than tepid "support" and can
  16. Being an Africa lover (and a sport lover) I find the CAF's decision ridiculous. Morocco rightfully asked for a deferment of the competition, and not a cancellation, in presence of an alarming health situation in all Western Africa. Some people seem to consider that more than 5000 deaths because of Ebola is nothing to worry about and consider it a useless fuss. I imagine the prospect of thousands of potentially infected Guinean fans coming to Morocco, bringing the virus to Morocco and in all likelihood to Europe, isn't a concern for them either. The idea of holding the event in Qatar is proba
  17. If you all still think the rejection towards the games and the IOC in Paris is only due to the costs, you still haven't understood much about the Parisian position.
  18. No racism, I don't care about origins but these "leaders" (or more accurately, those crooks) deserve nothing but contempt. On the other hand, Manuel Valls who showed his endless tolerance by expelling dozens of Rom families (grand-parents,& children included) should probably think about expelling himself ? We don't want him, we don't need him, and if one claims to be French then so be it, but at least serve the interests of your people. Ianetta, yes, is just a counselor, but then ? She's still allowed to have ideas, propose projects and plans, work...In short, she's allowed to be useful
  19. Tsss....Almost funny... If one of our politicians is dumb enough to propose us anything, we'll shoot it down in 3 seconds. Manuel Valls, maybe you should go have a little party in Ibiza with your banker friends that you love so much more than the French people? While you're there, bring N.Ianetta with you. She hasn't done anything useful at the government in months apart from showing herself at galas and making interviews. Go back to Spain and Italy where you respectively belong, you're not one of us and never will be.
  20. Considering people for their citizenship instead of who they are as individuals is quite dubious. But anyway.... As you may have noticed, it's not just "French members" on GB who felt uncomfortable with this dance, lots of media have talked about it (or maybe you've been living on the Moon for the last few days). I think what people have trying to show you is that you should be careful. And they're doing so because we think you can do better than this, we believe in the German people's capacity not to fall in inglorious attitudes. Again, if that was the dance alone I think it would've been
  21. Such a serious, unfriendly move for such a small story. Especially as Europeans also spy, and no similar action was taken by the US against its allies. The US are the country that works the best and the most actively in the war against terrorism in Europe, and contribute to make Europe safe. I hope that security in Europe isn't going to be endangered by this move.
  22. Stop scratching, krow. It may hurt By remote I just meant, far from Europe, that's all. No need to get all worked up. You're right about my language skills . Yours are so impressive, I must say I was just about to ask you to give me lessons...I'm sure you have a lot to teach me. See, you "fight" when you think it's funny, but I don't. I'm not here very often and don't find anything particularly funny in "fighting". You think it is, according to your own confession, and act like you're 10 when you're 30 , and I'm the joke ? lol I didn't even talk to you, you replied to posts that weren'
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