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  1. He was born 50 kms away from my birthplace. I haven't followed his actions very much (was more focused on the games themselves), but I liked his sense of humour. Elegant man, and very funny.
  2. That's very late! I think New Zealand can plan on a faster agenda and has the means and the required qualities to be bolder than that. I would understand doubts about summer games and their size (still worth a deeper analysis), but WOG are within reach. I think NZ shouldn't be shy and get into the struggle. Games in Auckland are an idea that excites me quite a lot...
  3. I wonder where they've seen anything ugly about it? At least not in the older part, with its colored houses, not in the newer part of the city with its futuristic, green-friendly architecture. Evenings in Aker Brygge, parks, dinner by the port....Add excellent public transportation to that. Not only is Oslo far from ugly, as I said I consider it the most beautiful Euro capital. You don't need to have a huge capital, and I'd even say that avoids you much of the trouble that most big cities have (I wont even start to list what's not working in Paris...Off topic and long). I already thought tha
  4. Funny as I just spent a few days in Oslo. Whether Oslo bids or not, it will remain the most beautiful capital of Europe to me. Winter games there would be wonderful. Great place for people in their twenties like me, too... If they're in, I'm backing them. If not, I'll still go back.
  5. Running ! The US will never step out of the 2024 race. And they would be crazy to. Not only do they have a chance, I think they're the favorite. After Rio, London and Tokyo, the next logicial stop is Northern American (I know, there's no "official" continent rule), especially with the memory of London still so vivid in everyone's mind. Now, there's Africa. But if you guys in the US play it will, putting forward that more guarantees are given by an American candidate, use the financial influence (broadcasters...) you are more than able to beat any African bid. Also, if it's Durban, playing on
  6. I think Spain should just create a bid called "Spain 20-- whatever" and present it at every election. Both summer & winter of course.
  7. Agree with everything you say. Except for one thing; London showed a great young and generational impetus that showed them too were passionate. If France started to trust young people more instead of pre-retired technocrats wanting to remain with each other, lots of progress would be made...
  8. That's probably one of the most perspicacious vision I've read of the current situation of Paris.
  9. Lol That is very much starting to sound like an obsession.... If you understand French: http://www.bfmtv.com/sport/drut-france-candidate-aux-jeux-faut-pas-rever-597330.html (talks with Guy Drut, IOC member of France) http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/claude-droussent/jeux-olympiques-paris-2024_b_3880012.html
  10. You mean the one who took the IOC session for the UN tribune....
  11. That's not my opinion. I think the London games were the best so far and I had so much fun watching them with people. Even if the gap was so small, London was elected democratically and there's nothing we can say to that.
  12. You're welcome. Honestly, it's not a matter of pride or anything like that. There's not much to say really, or to understand other than there's just no will. I do agree with Baron, remember what was said about Paris when it did bid for 2012 ...Something very close to what you're saying now ("it's a cert", "it's there if you're interested"). Now, whether it gets too late not is really not a concern. Beyond pride, an olympic bid also costs time, energy, money....That's also something you shouldn't forget. And for a hazardous project. And yes, the main thing remains that, the will just vanis
  13. You're right about one thing, saying that Tokyo's victory is a good thing for a potential Paris bid in theory . For that, I can say that I was wrong to say you were wrong (!). I was just pointing out that in facts , the 125th IOC session hasn't contributed to make a will for Paris 2024 any stronger. Not even an inch. I was pointing that out by giving you just an insight of the situation here from the inside (I'm back in France now for holidays), with the local media, and officials reporting about it. For the rest, you are right, no one knows what the future's gonna be made of. And isnt that w
  14. It's just a Louisiana celebration. For Mardi Gras, the French just stay home and eat crepes . But you will find lots of other stuff to do...
  15. Sorry about it But you can still come over for a vacation At the same time, I think (and most officials seem to think the same way) an olympic bid is not even to be considered with a popular support that is so ridiculously low. Even lower than right after the defeated bids. And we know that is the n°1 condition for a bid, which makes sense; how could you claim gaining other people's support when your own population isn't even supporting you... There are a lot of other excellent places that could host 2024, Durban, Toronto, San Francisco....And this time, if the US are chosen, I think th
  16. I don't really know to be honest, I guess the successive failures logically helped the local support plunge, yes. But it's not just about that, there's just no will to host the Games, I think the French officials are now comfortable dealing with IOC matters, and choosing hosts for the Games, and they don't want to bother investing time, energy, and money in a hazardous project. The same state of mind prevails among the people, and also more surprinsigly: among the athletes, who generally think France should invest on better infrastructures rather than on a doomed bid (especially the swimmers
  17. Indeed. The winners for me are Italy, US and Canada. Though it's still early to tell, 2024 should be a battle between Rome and North American cities, maybe also involving a South African city. I would say it will be a little too early for Souh Africa to get it (even if Id love a South African victory, so new and refreshing), and I think a North-American bid will be preferred over Rome. Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco...Among other ones.
  18. You're all wrong in assuming that France, and a potential Paris 2024 bid is on the side of the "winners". It may sound this way judging by the outcome of 2020, but...That will go absolutely nowhere. Being French myself, I can tell you that the local support for an olympic bid is EXTREMELY low, and has fallen to an all-time low over the past years. There's still a huge interest for the games themselves (as tv audience ratings show), and olympism in general; that interest collapses when it turns to hosting the games. No one on the French side wants to present or even start working on a 2024 bi
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