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  1. I've always, ALWAYS had a problem with the ref from this game in Marco Rodriguez. He is generally very strict, but then he comes right back and contradicts himself by letting crazy things like this happen. He is the subject and seems to be the ref all too often in controversial games and endings like this one, and is always inconsistent. He refereed two games last world cup where he sent two guys off on straight reds, one of them done with no business whatsoever in the Chile Spain game last time around. In the ITA URU game he seemed to do it again, sending off a guy on a very questionable red card and I've even read some former refs' comments it may not even have warranted a yellow judging by what else he let slip by. Yet 20 minutes later he won't give a card, even a yellow, let alone warn the guy who just bit a competitor for the 3rd time. Inexcusable. This guy's got issues with reffing, and the bigger issue is that FIFA has essentially made him their "pet" referee. He is sent to every single tournament FIFA has and refs more matches at each tournament than most anybody else, the commentator on ESPN even said yesterday he's the "FIFA Favorite." It's ridiculous, never liked the guy, and after yesterday, certainly never will.
  2. This is getting ridiculous really fast. I'm not saying I don't support a Almaty or Beijing bid, but if those become the only two choices, I really believe the IOC should open the process back up for a really brief period of time. Like so many people have said so many times, this is becoming a major problem for the IOC with these so called "referendums." If Munich, St Moritz, Oslo, Stockholm, and Krakow all fall because of lack of government or citizen support, the IOC has a major problem on its hands. I'm sure if they open the process back up, if and only if Krakow/Oslo back out, somebody that wasn't originally planning to join in will. Like I said, Almaty and Beijing aren't terrible choices, but they certainly reflect what has been a ridiculous scenario so far.
  3. I have to admit prior to seeing their bid book and logo I wasn't a fan of LA at all...but they certainly seem to be on their game and what I really like now, and what I had been afraid of if they didn't, is how they are planning major renovations and construction, not just reusing the old facilities.
  4. I'm seriously wondering if the IOC would be willing to "redo" this bidding process if Almaty/Beijing are soon the only two in the game. I don't think this will be the case, and it's not that they are incapable, but there really isn't "much to choose from" there.
  5. Here goes the USOC again. "Gee, we might not win, so let's wait until we will pretty much for certain win to bid." I mean come on, you have to try at some point, I'm honestly getting fed up with their attitude. I know they will end up bidding for 2024 but c'mon, be a little more supportive.
  6. I don't see how that will happen. Poland seems to be pretty happy about their govt and just because they share a border doesn't mean riots will ensue. I think this is perfect for Krakow actually. Lviv is obviously down the tube, I agree that Oslo won't be successful because of the high lack of public support, leaving what I believe to be Krakow, Almaty, and Beijing. I doubt the IOC will award Beijing and its winter smog a 3rd straight Asian Olympics, and between Almaty and Krakow, as much as I like to see the olympics go to new frontiers, I think the IOC will go with the "safest" option left in Krakow. Slovakia seems to be pretty much 100% on board with what the Poles want to do.
  7. Anybody know when the official/detailed schedule for Rio will be released? I know a general one has been developed, and its a LONG ways off, but I was just wondering. Haven't been able to find anything in my searches over the past 6 months or so.
  8. I've always been a fan on the Summer Olympics more but overall I think Sochi turned out well. The big problem I saw was that 1/2 of virtually every sporting match/venue (in the Coastal Cluster, can't tell about the Mountain Venues) were empty. I liked the look and loved the location. As an engineer this would be a dream to get a blank check and get to build a city from scratch just for the Olympics. (Not cost effective I know, but pretty cool) I have to say though that after about 3-4 days of action I got fairly bored of most of the sports, as I usually do at the Winter Olympics, so I can't say this is Sochi's fault. It's like watching the same thing over and over again for 2 weeks straight, no spacing out of the sports and disciplines. Overall though, a fun and certainly interesting Olympics. I doubt Russia will get the Olympics again until at least the 2040s, maybe 2050s, so I hope they enjoyed it.
  9. What day is it this week? I assume it's before Sochi starts?
  10. 12 Points - N 10 Points - K 8 Points - E 6 Points - G 4 Points - P 2 Points - C
  11. I truly see this race as another 2014 one. You have the "favorite" in Oslo (Salzburg in 2014), then 2 others cities who I see getting shortlisted (Krakow and Beijing, maybe Almaty) that although people don't see being a threat (like Sochi was), could pull it off. It'll be interesting w/o Stockholm and essentially Lviv in the race now.
  12. If the US doesn't bid now they really are idiots. Yes, they might lose, but it certainly gives them the best shot in quite some time. If either France or South Africa doesn't bid, then the US really couldn't ask for anything more.
  13. Don't get me wrong...I didn't dislike Stockholm, but this is great as a Krakow supporter. Oslo will still probably we the frontrunner but Stockholm's exit just blew this race wide open because outside of Oslo, there is no automatic favorite and many members often never go straight to the favorite, although then again many do.
  14. Exactly. As I posted like an hour ago, I'd even argue 6 or 7 is good enough.
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