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  1. @Ldsstakeclerk Won a lottery.

  2. @teishamatthews hi. Looks like you are enjoying sunny Wembley.

  3. @juliangbell @BBCNews @FestusAkin is this your challenge? Pound the streets as much as your friend Mr Bell?

  4. @TheTennisTalker Sadly lost the Singles. Hopefully a good run in the Doubles helps.

  5. @bbc5live @PhilWilliams How would rest of audience know it was Asperger’s not a person who was high on drink? Reall… https://t.co/vtkgWGtdXl

  6. @julie_highheel Enjoy the sea, the sand, and a drink.

  7. @LRobsonPride 6 Brits in main draw. LTA on the road?

  8. @CW_TheFlash Oh come on. Isn’t Ralph in the comics part of the Justice League? Would a TV show be allowed to kill a member of the League?

  9. @AFCRD Now moves to nails on other hand

  10. @Helencakefiend @braintumourrsch Good luck to Emma. Hello ???? Helen.

  11. @laurarobson5 That you prefer to be outside than stuck in a gym. However the thong reminds you that your hip is not playing the game.

  12. @StuartHarker1 my Grandfather was a Mason. My Father was able to explain who they are, even though we are not. A l… https://t.co/1sXPgjQ9lE

  13. @RadioDiamonds @AFCRD @NonLeagueCrowd @SouthernLeague1 @NonLeaguePaper Easily do that next season if that promo comes our way

  14. @BBCSport Shoot Outs...Hockey doing to us what Football will do over the summer. Nails bitten...help

  15. @Ldsstakeclerk I sure hope she can prove her age. Oldest verified person was about 120 when they passed away.

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