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  1. I really liked the Opening Ceremony! The Warsaw stadium looked gorgeous!

    Germany my favourite! DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES

    If you are really from Germany, you should know, that your sentence in capitals does not fit to 2012.

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  2. Still it's Peyongchang who is the major factor in the bidding. And it's bigger difference between Munich and PyeongChang/Gangneung than PyeongChang/Gangneung and Östersund Åre. So still if the population is a that big factor then why won South Korea ahead of Germany. Germany is a winter superpower. Why did Germany lost?? They lost clearly..

    So the rest of the country can't help Östersund/ Åre if they need it?? Do you think the cities can host without any help from rest of the country as example the goverment??

    PC has won, because they presented a bid for third time in a row and it has won, because a few Korean companies are top sponsors of the IOC. Sweden can not offer that. Therefore I find it not correct to compare Östersund with PC.

  3. Maybe I am wrong, but could a Swedish bid not face the same problems Munich and Annecy had? Will the public support a bid and not just the government(currently Sweden has a minority government!)? Does Sweden really need a artificial sliding center, since Sweden has no tradition in these sports. Will the environmentalists protest against the construction?

  4. ^^ Sorry, can't let this go just yet :P

    The problem with the GDR program, and probably to some degree Soviet Union and other east block countries was that it encompassed all athletes starting in the teens, although it is unclear if all the athletes were aware of it:






    Katarina With was part of the Stasi system. The chance that she did not take any drugs is in fact very slim. Of course many of the athletes in the GDR may have won their medals anyway, but that is not the point: They were won in a dishonest way. Of course, if it is the case that there is no official historic medal tally, the Germans can make any list they want, but it will be nothing to be proud of if it include the GDR. Another, more technical and less important point is that two NOCs will have greater chanse of winning more medals simply because they can participate with twice the number of athletes. I do not think anyone would protest if the the various forms of western and unified German medals were collected.

    Since there was very lax control on doping well into the 90s, there were of course also many other athletes that were involved in doping. Hence, one way of avoiding this whole issue is simply to exclude all medals from the worst decades.

    Oh, and BTW, two more medals for Norway / Trøndelag tonight....

    That sounds like a sour loser to me!

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