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  1. We are not ridicolus!!!! I like that you will said the same when you spent your holidays here!!!!! You think that we are devils . We are persons. I can undestanding comment like this.
  2. This photo was old. It's since years ago when the king visited Buenos Aires.
  3. You call me troll and liar because I have other point of view that you. Realy, I think it's a forum with sense, but I can see that you don't respect other points of view. Your acts aren't very Olympic. I don't wanna write here anymore. I belived that this forum was democracy but I can see that not.
  4. I am not a troll. I am from Spain, I don't have hidden it. And my past holidays was that way in Turkey
  5. I spent my holidays in Istanbul one year ago. Dirty city and thiefs everywhere. Taxis and waiters try to thief me five times in a week. I don't want that the Olympic family feel the same that me.
  6. Ok, lets OG go to Japan and support it. You will see one OG with mask
  7. Ok, lets OG go to Japan and support it. You will see one OG with mask
  8. Yes, it's better 300 tons of radiation water!! LOL. Really, we are crazy.
  9. Uhmmm... Yes. It's better that radaition or riots
  10. You are right!! I belive that 300 tons of radioactie water flow every day don't worry to the forum. But when this radioactive water will go to USA if will be a problem.
  11. They have to check out their radiation problem that affects to the world not only Japan, and when they were clean then can bid the Games
  12. I hope that Madrid win. It's time for Europe and Fukushima and riots in Istanbul are not a good place.
  13. Tokyo has nuclear problems. I don't think it's a safe place. I think that Madrid is the bet choice.
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