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  1. Unless he has been ruled out by himself or LOCOG, Jimmy Page will likely be there at one point, but I wouldn't be surprised if many of the acts mentioned earlier were performing either at a ceremony or during the Games. It might sound a bit lame, but I think that this could be the rock and roll Olympics.

    Susan Boyle somewhere too? If the Olympics were in London in the last two years, she would have been a shoe in for some kind of anthem at a ceremony, but her novelty might have long since gone by 2012.

  2. It is called "TRANSRAPID" in Germany


    Yes, that is true - the railway line between Hamburg and Berlin was really run-downed in the time of the German division (the line between Hamburg and Berlin was before the division the fastest line - there was even a special engine for it "The Flying Hamburger") -


    The Flying Hamburger

    After reunification it was thought about to build a Transrapid line between the two cities instead to rebuild the railway line - but they said that it would become to expensive (what I do not believe) and to unhandy to support another transport system.

    Siemens built the line in China - and I think that is a huge mistake...

    Isn't the "TRANSRAPID" the one that crashed yesterday?

  3. It had been inadequate for probably 20 years.

    My Grandad went to see the seminal England V Hungary match back in 1953. Not only did he tell me that Frenric Puskas was the greatest player on the greatest team to have ever played the game, but he also told me that Wembley was falling to bits even then.

  4. It's a Cookie Cutter Stadium. I can't stand Cookie Cutter Stadiums. I wish they bought in an American company to design it because there might be a bit of charicter to the architecture.

    Still, i'm just pissed because the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final and Rolling Stones concerts have both been moved to Twickenham. I'm going to both events and was so excited to be going to Wembley.

    Twickenham..... Meh

    Wembley.... Yeah

    Oh well  :verysad:

  5. You want Neil Young, Neil Young, and more Neil Young.

    Besides him, re unite the three surviving members of The Band (Even though Levon Helm is from Arkansas, needs a voice box device like the guy on South Park to speak and hasn't seen Robbie Robertson in years.)

    Drag Joni Mitchell out of retirement to "Sing up for Amsterdam."

    Introduce Rush to an unsuspecting world.

    The White Stripes are just the width of a river away from saying aboot instead of about, so get them up there too.

    Speaking of Rush. Get the 'Trailer Park Boys' to perform a couple of skits. (With Conky of course.) They're Canada at it's best.

  6. Great news! (For me at least.)

    The NFL are going to have a regular season game at Wembley either this or next October.

    Rumor has it that one of the teams going to London for this NFL game would be the New York Giants.  Some say this because of the "extra" home game they got last season v. the Saints.  Whoever the teams are, they will be playing this game the week before their bye week.  Which means that they go to England, play a game, then have a week to recover from the trip.

    And you really need a week to recover from two first class charter flights and the best hotel (and everything else) in London, don't you?  :laughlong:

    I wish I could get a week off work to recover whenever I get back from holiday.

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