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  1. Unless he has been ruled out by himself or LOCOG, Jimmy Page will likely be there at one point, but I wouldn't be surprised if many of the acts mentioned earlier were performing either at a ceremony or during the Games. It might sound a bit lame, but I think that this could be the rock and roll Olympics. Susan Boyle somewhere too? If the Olympics were in London in the last two years, she would have been a shoe in for some kind of anthem at a ceremony, but her novelty might have long since gone by 2012.
  2. Well, you see one opening ceremony you've seen them all. Nothing to make it really stand out from any other that I've seen and London won't have too much to worry about to match it. But it was still and awesome show like they all are.
  3. I love them! My first impression is that these are best mascots ever.
  4. Isn't the "TRANSRAPID" the one that crashed yesterday?
  5. That's because after the Olympics it's very likely going to become a city centre Gulag.
  6. I'm looking forward to Yankee Stadium getting built. That's going make Wembley look as though it was designed in the Stone Age, and Wembley is shaping up to be quite something in itself.
  7. My Grandad went to see the seminal England V Hungary match back in 1953. Not only did he tell me that Frenric Puskas was the greatest player on the greatest team to have ever played the game, but he also told me that Wembley was falling to bits even then.
  8. I think they've put such a distant date so people don't get upset if they set an October date and miss that. It's like Scotty on Star Trek. He'd say a job would take four weeks when it could be done in two and everyone would be mazed when it was fixed so fast.
  9. PPPPPPPPP That's nothing. London used to have a Nuclear reactor on the site where the Olympic Park is being built.
  10. OH MY GOD! The illustrated pictures were impressive, but it just looks fantastic now it's almost finished. The Challenge Cup Final next season is going to be something very, very special.
  11. So is it going to be something like Wrigleyville in Chicaco?
  12. I can garuntee that if the blocks next to the Stadium are flats, the people who move into them will complain about the noise. Idiots.
  13. I was just looking forward to going to the New Wembley, that's all. (Plus, Twickenham is :devil: Union :devil: )
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