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  1. Is there any news about Londons involvment in the closing ceremony. What form it might take ect.......... I remember Beijings performance three years ago and thought it gave us a good taste of what to expect in Beijiang. Lets hope London can do the same.
  2. Well it’s March now and still no link. If you are holding it back for some reason. I know you seem to be anti London at times but this is a bit childish if true. On to the point of this mail I have topic trackers running on a couple of topics and some threads and used to get e-mailed when a new post was posted. But I have stopped receiving the notification e-mails. At first I thought it was due to my topic trackers being timed out but when I selected track this topic I was told I was already tracking it. SO WHATS HAPPENNING TO MY E-MAIL NOTIFACTIONS PLEASE?
  3. I have e-mailed twice over the last two weeks using your feedback e-mail add in order to supply the link to London 2012 volunteer site seeming as you have New York’s but have received no reply other then the automated one and you still have not posted link in volunteer section. Is it possible to know why? Many thanks Dave.
  4. Ignore the above two posts all lights are now on! Sorry to bother you.
  5. sorry I went out and came back in and my edit tap has appeared but still no poll button?
  6. Hi although I am a premium member I do not seem able to either edit my posts or set polls. There is no poll button or edit tabs? I wanted to set a poll to see which of the five new sports proposed by the IOC everyone supports but was unable to do so?
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