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  1. Hello, I'm japanese. 4 Board Members will manage the TOCOG. Olympic Board ・Board Chair (undecided) ・Minister for Tokyo 2020 (Hakubun Shimomura) ・JOC President (Tsunekazu Takeda) ・Govoner (Naoki Inose) Secretariat ・Secretary-General (undecided) Council ・Supreme Advisor (Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister) Who will take office the Board Chair my expectations: Mr. Akio Toyoda, President of TOYOTA
  2. Presentation members of Tokyo 2020 (IOC Session 2013) ・Shinzo Abe (Prime Minister) ・Fumio Kishida (Minister of Foreign Affairs) ・Tsunekazu Takeda (JOC President, IOC Member) ・Naoki Inose (Govenor of Tokyo) ・Chiharu Igaya (IOC Honorary Member) ・Masato Mizuno (Tokyo 2020 CEO, JOC Vice President) ・Yuki Ota (Men's Fencing 2008 and 2012 Silver Medalist) ・Mami Sato (Paralympian Women's Athletics) ・Yuko Arakida (Tokyo 2020 Sports Director, 1976 Women's Valleyball Gold Medalist) ・Yukiko Arai (Tokyo 2020 International Director)
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