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  1. I think it was -10 celsius. But it was a beautiful day.
  2. A very early Remembrance day ceremony at Jack Poole Plaza. The cauldron was re-lit for three hours.
  3. The cauldron will be re-lit again this Thursady for Remembrance day 8:30AM-12:30PM. Is not even a year yet, but the cauldron has been re-lit many times already.
  4. Watch as they test how the roof closes & open. http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/#clip371234
  5. http://www.torontosun.com/sports/othersports/2010/10/29/15884346.html The news comes a day after Navin Prasad, the chief medical officer for the Canadian team at the Games, confirmed that another athlete has come down with typhoid fever. Due to privacy issues, he couldn't name the patient.
  6. Not yet. I'm guessing it will be install on the first year anniversary of the games.
  7. I went today to take some pictures of the Olympic clock and I notice a security guard was there. I spoke to the security guard regarding the wooden portion of the clock, he told it will be moved to the Convention Centre. He also told me this, apparently people at the art gallery were saying that the Olympic clock was auction off and Bill Gates won the bid. But Bill Gates end up donating it back to the city of Vancouver. This could be true or just a rumour.
  8. Is that her real name, Sheila Dikshit?
  9. Congrats for winning three Emmy Awards. For outstanding music direction (Dave Pierce), Outstanding for ligthing direction and for Bucky Gunts for directing.
  10. That was the only good thing about Singapore was the ligthing of the Cauldron everyhting else was copied from previous Olympic ceremonies. Vancouver was more original in their presentation.
  11. Finally saw the entire ceremony. It was interesting. Very typical opening ceremony nothing original except for the flame that turns into a twister. Everything else was copied from previous Olympic ceremonies. I was very entertain with the parade of nation. Some of the flag bearer needs GPS. The Czech was going back and forth trying to figure where to go.... Unfortunately for Singapore the world doesn't know that the Youth Olympic games exist.
  12. They could have just bid for the real Olympic. It so sad to see so many empty seats at the foot ball game (soccer). I hope this will change soon.
  13. Singapore will have a new light house after the YOG games. The cauldron looks like a syringe needle.
  14. It would be nice to see the Stadium hosting an international track and field events. From youtube by Kira1106. A small replica model of the stadium. I love the lights.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwl2rPLF8QQ
  16. This is like a MTV style of opening ceremony. Songs "Nobody" by wonder girl "Tik Tok" by kesha
  17. This one also looks familiar. Remember the drum at the beginning in Athens.
  18. Whistler village has a permanent Olympic Rings being display for the public. Why doesn't Vancouver have one? I want to see it on the water like the one during the Olympic...Also does anyone know what happen to the statue of the Goddess Nike that was suppose to be given to Vancouver from Greece? I saw this on the news several months ago, still no update.
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