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  1. I think I read a while ago that there was some structural problem or something. There must have been issues building temporary seating inside the halls or something.
  2. Here are the Aquatics Center photos. (this is a legacy view) more plans...
  3. So after some internet sleuthing and URL guessing, I found the blueprints w/ renders of both the Ariake Arena and Aquatics Center.
  4. This is the Ariake Coliseum, already existing at 10,000 that will be used for tennis. The Differ Ariake Arena is an older facility that is in the same complex, but this isn't going to be used for the Olympics. The Ariake Arena is a new venue that is near the complex that is going to be built for Indoor Volleyball at around 12,000. Yoyogi will be used for handball.
  5. Even though it's temporary, does anyone know if they're going to tile the aquatics center or would that be kind of worthless given that they're going to tear it down anyway?
  6. Yeah I had commented on this when I read it on dezeen. In this situation the JSC should pay Zaha for the work she has done, and then negotiate copyrights without that being used as a bargaining chip. I read that a reason they might be doing this is so that the JSC can prevent that stadium being built somewhere else (like China of Qatar, perhaps) but also so that they can use some of the basic plans like the environmental impact studies or whatever else that would be a waste to do a second time for the same project.
  7. For me it seems like the sponsorship was paid by the JOC regardless of the bid. If there is more information, other NOC that paid the sponsorship but were not bidding for 2020 for example, it would help in making a conclusion. Maybe it's possible that Turkey didn't have the money to pay, not that they did not want to within some sort of ethical dilemma. At this point it seems too vague and way too late given all the time Istanbul 2020 has had to come out against this (unless they or Tokyo 2020 didn't even know about it).
  8. Hopefully they can just get the payment resolved quickly so all the loose ends are tied up. She is still claiming that interior technical elements are similar, but in reality there are only so many ways to create a stadium bowl with the given limitations without infringing on structure or sight lines. If she does, for some reason, try to take them to court over the similarities what can she hope to get out of it? Royalties every time someone looks at the bowl?
  9. Out of nowhere Nagoya announces they are exploring a bid for these games... http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1032966/nagoya-proposed-as-potential-bid-for-2026-asian-games-to-showcase-japans-new-state-of-the-art-train-system
  10. If you were curious, the emblem screening is now down to the final round as the shortlist will be created next week. Only 64 of the original 10,666 remain...
  11. Not surprising news, our favorite architect is still a little angry that Japan rejected her. Even Toyo Ito is a little peeved he lost again. Perhaps playing of the logo fiasco, we have this... http://www.japantoday.com/category/sports/view/london-architects-investigate-similarities-of-tokyo-2020-olympic-stadium So I took the liberty of going through some old photos, so feel free to comment what similarities you see that are apparently stolen from Hadid. edit: this might suffice better for the overhead view for the old design since it's in track mode.
  12. Here are the last of the photos I tried to post last night. I guess the forum didn't like me posting a lot of photos at once so I couldn't post them... Seats Signage Solar Power (I think) Impact on Meiji Jingu and a Repair Gondola
  13. Since A won, I went through the presentation file and pulled out a bunch of interesting photos... Scheduale October 2016-April 2017 May 2017-January 2018 February 2018-February 2019 March 2019-November 2019 Concourses and VIP Areas note: the last two schedule pictures are (obviously) flipped. My bad. Here's some more pictures... Construction Details Then you have the breakdown of how different seating arrangements will add up...
  14. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20151222/k10010349161000.html Official. Design A by Kengo Kuma contracted by Taisei will be proposed.
  15. http://www.sankei.com/sports/news/151222/spo1512220006-n1.html According to this article, a decision will be made at 11am local, which is in about 80 minutes. Hoping for A!
  16. Even though, a lot of these budget problems are Japan specific. With high construction costs and a sort of monopoly on construction companies, it's particular to Japan that even the new stadium designs can break under 1 billion. I imagine if Tokyo was in the US or Europe, somewhere where construction costs are less and there are many more contractors to choose from, their attempts to lessen the budget would actually be seen.
  17. Here's a piece of news we all knew was coming... http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20151218_33.html According to Wikipedia this is about as much Athens paid for their games and is about 5 billion more than London excluding the amount used to redo the Olympic Stadium. In reality the OC can only do so much to reduce the budget, but if they are able to continue to reap revenue from new facilities that exceeded maintenance costs alongside selling homes in the village hopefully they will break even without hurting the taxpayers too much.
  18. I vote for Winter A. Mostly because having two colors makes a black and white version easy to conceive. Also something about both the gold and silver yells Denver to me, no idea why. Also it definitely looks like a snowflake hence my vote for Winter.
  19. Ok I see how if you replaced stadium with logo design in what I said it seems silly, but in reality designing a structurally sound stadium is vastly different from designing a logo. The reason they're reaching out to the public is because the public was upset that the OC didn't reach out to them. It was an issue of transparency, so they're trying to be as transparent as humanly possible. Even if the OC reached out to qualified designers again, how would they know what to limit the measurement of ability at? Initially it was too strict, but how strict should it be? In reality that question is pretty opinionated since there is no standard in that sense as far as I know.
  20. It does seem like that organization believes any design not done by a designer is simply not worthy. The logo should represent the people, so it should be made by the people. It shouldn't be limited to those who have designed for decades because a basic concept by a freelance designer or even a student can be chosen and refined. It doesn't have to be refined and perfect right at the start.
  21. I do like how A uses more wood, as to emulate the use of wood in a lot of old buildings in Japan (or anywhere, really). I didn't post all the photos I grabbed from the two proposals, but essentially B will have a sort of rainbow landscape-design wrap similar to London. Also, B has two tiers on one side and three on the other, blending seamlessly. If A had that instead of an entire separate second tier, I think I would be 100% on board. A poll on twitter already has A at 60% vs B at 30%, so it seems like the people like A more. It does blend in much better than A into the environment, and when you think about how former Olympic Stadiums have represented some local landmark or culture (The Munich Mountains, the Seoul Vase, whatever the Bird's Nest was actually supposed to look like, even Sochi's was supposed to emulate the drift of snow or something), A does accomplish it much better than B. I just agree that the atmosphere inside of B in relation to the renders shown looks like it will feel better.
  22. Here, at last, are our final choices. They are named Design A and Design B respectively. I personally like B better, but feel free to debate about what each one actually is shaped like, vulgar or not. Design A Design B
  23. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20151214/k10010340181000.html From this update article we're to see the proposals released on the JSC website at 2pm local, which is midnight EST. Still a good 8 and a half hours left until we get an idea of the stadium...
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