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  1. that's my favorite font of them all... I just think it will look better in venues as it will be seen all over the place compared to the very similar other three.
  2. D appears to be the most popular one so far. It's garnering the most retweets and the comments are overwhelmingly positive compared to the three others.
  3. My personal favorite is D. A seems a little too colorless, the balance in B is kind of off and I don't understand what the Paralympic logo is there, and C is Beijing.
  4. Here's a new render for the Olympic Village. The tall towers won't be built until after the games. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1658211&page=11
  5. It seems like they're going to renovate most of the area around the Seoul Olympic Stadium including the stadium itself (but not enough to change the general integrity of the stadium). http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1104095&page=12
  6. I think someone else was supposed to climb it to light the cauldron, but then they switched to Ali or something like that after they had built the scaffolding.
  7. I found this article that included a very intersting quote from our friend Mori... http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2016/03/11/more-stadium-issues-tokyo-2020-team I personally would rather have the original cauldron reused than have them try (and possibly fail) at another attempt at an iconic cauldron like the one they have today. I imagine the LA cauldron was reused for a similar sentiment, since they could have built an entirely new one if they had wanted. I feel like the existing cauldron, after it's ongoing tour of the country, would fit very well in the new design since it is not gigantic and relatively manageable (meaning cleaning after the games are over it isn't an ordeal). Maybe they'll base the torch off of the cauldron if this happens...
  8. This might be a little harsh, but I'm keep thinking that if he somehow became President (which won't happen) he would be disliked so much someone would probably assassinate him before we knew it...
  9. I think people flock to him because for the past two elections a very establishment candidate was chosen for the GOP and both times they lost. Maybe they're hoping this time they might win with an outsider. Also, in the past there have been GOP candidates who have tried to hide any racist or sexist tendencies in favor of the general, but many bigoted Americans wanted true representation, and that's just what they got. Can he win in the general--if the Democrats essentially give up, sure. All they have to do is keep the enthusiasm (maybe nominate the candidate who generated it (!!!!)) and they'll win no problem.
  10. They could somehow mount it on the white metal support bars surrounding the stadium and have it come over the glass section of the roof. If not, it might be best to do something london-y where the cauldron simply isn't tangibly visible (oxymoron) from outside.
  11. Check out the new website-it shows the branding pretty well. http://la24.org/ Also, right on scheduale we have the first part of the bid book! http://la24-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/pdf/LA2024-canditature-part1_english.pdf
  12. Seems that from the video that's on facebook and twitter but not youtube yet that they'll be going a sort of geometric route with the branding. just kidding found the video.
  13. "Follow The Sun" is their bid slogan, if they hadn't made that obvious yet...
  14. Only if oil is dominant in twenty-some years. If not I'm not so sure that the OG will be their first priority...
  15. Since baseball/softball's re-entrance into the 2020 Games is all but inevitable, it seems that the OC and within conversations with the IOC are leaning towards a renovated Yokohama Stadium that, unless they feel like they need to use more than one stadium, will host all games. Why they don't use the Tokyo Dome is a mystery to me. I assume that there are already games shedualed during the Olympics or something that couldn't be relocated. This is not set in stone yet, though... http://www.nikkansports.com/baseball/news/1602315.html
  16. been thinking that this snippet might be of a cursive "i" within the word Paris. They haven't been shy from using words as their emblems for the past few tries, so why stop now?
  17. If you were wondering, they are saving as far as I know all the original murals and statues within and on the grounds of the old National Stadium. Here is where they will be relocated in the new stadium.
  18. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20160126_38.html
  19. Some information about the handover ceremony... http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/01/26/national/j-pop-diva-sheena-ringo-help-produce-tokyos-handover-ceremony-rio/#.VqfkoiorKUm Here's a few of her videos, including the song referred to in the article.
  20. Information about Tokyo 2020 in Rio 2016 were released today. The OC will have a house like Pyeongchang did in Sochi. The OC will also set up live sites in Japan throughout Tokyo, Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima. http://tokyo2020.jp/jp/games/rio-to-tokyo/index.html
  21. If you're interested, there was a press conference at the Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan about ten days ago where Kengo Kuma presented the design and answered several questions including the issue of plagiarism and the withholding of payment.
  22. To go back on topic, if we may, some may remember that the new renders features a river passing by the stadium that doesnt exist at this moment. It appears that they (the government of Tokyo, probably) are going to lengthen the Shinjuku river to reach the stadium and the surrounding parks. https://twitter.com/tokyohotweb/status/690308000125300736
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