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  1. If you weren't aware, there is a little political turmoil within Tokyo. Current governor Yoichi Masuzoe is set to face a no-confidence motion from the metropolitan assembly, being supported by every singe party including the LDP who baked Masuzoe's election after our best friend from Buenos Aires Naoki Inose resigned over a monetary scandal to do with hospitals or something. It is very likely that he will either step down or be forced to step down sometime this week, meaning that he will not receive the Olympic Flag in Rio this summer.


    Previously, it took about six weeks for the TMG to set up and execute the snap election after Inose's resignation, so it is entirely possible that we will see a full blown election of a new governor of Tokyo before the opening ceremony in August.

    However, Mazusoe has another option. In the case of a no-confidence motion, he can dissolve the metropolitan assembly for a snap election within 10 days of dissolution, but it's very likely that even more anti-Masuzoe candidates would be elected, fueling the possible election of a non-LDP backed governor. This is also likely since, as the Japan Times reports, 70-80% of Tokyo residents want him to resign immediately.


  2. Even thought my signature is obviously D I was hoping that A would be chosen in the end. Only that and C had any clear cultural representation. I also thought that this one looks a little more modern than the others and, when you think about it, is about the same shape (in a very general sense) as the 1964 logo.

  3. I think the part on the top that actually holds the flame is different from the golden recessed thing we saw before. In other close ups I saw on Twitter the torch appears to have this gray convex material instead.

    Also I feel like we should have expected the top of the torch to get all grody since it's essentially white plastic being hit with an orange flame constantly.

  4. I was on twitter and found some construction photos for the Musashino Forest Sports Center which is located right next to Ajinomoto Stadium. It'll host badminton and fencing during the modern pentathlon. It appears that the rest of the modern pentathlon will take place in the stadium, but unless there is a pool there already that I'm not aware of I assume that the swimming portion will take place on the building rendered on the far left.





  5. I feel like something that is equally as important is how the logo will inspire the look of the games. I can already imagine how it would be done for A and D, but for B and especially C I'm not sure what direction they would go...

    Now that I have understood more about where A came from it's become my second favorite to D. I still think that B feels a little unbalanced but I wouldn't be devastated if it was chosen. I also was thinking how, if you can possibly remember, the logo for Nagano did technically exist in a 3D form during the handover ceremony and some other instances, so I think that a similar 3D representation could be done for D.

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