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  1. 2 hours ago, Nemo said:

    I don't missed anything with the design, but what's up with missing parts on the roof? All I've heard was that there was concern over the stadium burning down because of the cauldron. So are those missing panels from the roof for the cauldron? And do people really think that they'd build a whole stadium with the intention of putting in a flaming cauldron with flammable materials? I think I missed something.

    That part of the roof has always been part of the aesthetic of the design. It's meant to let light through since the roof itself is not translucent in any way as past Olympic Stadium roofs have been. I read an article recently that when the ceremony director is chosen in early 2018, Kengo Kuma will work with whoever that is to establish whether the constructors need to leave a part of the roof cut out or space under the stadium or whatever. The article also said that the requirement in the second bid said nothing about a cauldron, but when you look back to London and Beijing, neither of those stadiums were designed with the cauldron in mind, rather the idea for the cauldron came afterwards.

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  2. In reality, it's too close to the games to try and sort through all the athletes that will participate from Russia to make sure none of them have doped without it being reported or properly detected. I personally think that Russia as a nation deserves the blanked ban from the games, including the next winter games since many winter sports are involved as well. If they get mad and want to make their own goodwill games with North Korea again, all the best.

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  3. I found an article from December 2015 that I'm surprised we never came across then.

    Company that made 1964 Olympic torch aims to create 2020 flame

    FUKUSHIMA -- Nippon Koki Co., an explosives maker that created the Olympic torch used for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, is aiming to be chosen once again to create the torch for the 2020 Summer Games.

    For the 1964 Olympics, the Tokyo-based company designed a torch with a chemical flame that continued burning in water or under the oxygen-free atmosphere, developed to meet the Olympic organizing committee's request for a torch that would "absolutely not go out, even in the rain." The around 7,000 torches manufactured and delivered by the company made it through the Olympic Torch relay without burning out, and were employed again for the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics and the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics.

    This time the company is aiming to create a torch that is smokeless. The Nippon Koki's chemical flame torches create a lot of smoke compared to gas-fired ones. And while some say the torches look good, there are now more indoor venues at the Olympics,and company employees worried that, indoors, the smoke would obscure the torch runner.

    The company began work on the new torch in April this year, aiming for a smokeless device that can be used at any venue. They have succeeded in making a torch that emits hardly any smoke and has a clearly visible flame, but the company says that they are only around 40 percent of the way towards creating a flame that can't be put out.

    The company's factory is in the village of Nishigo, Fukushima Prefecture. The Great East Japan Earthquake caused the factory to list, and the factory road collapsed. Production stopped for one month, and many of the 400 employees there sacrificed their time off to secure fuel for the heavy machinery needed to repair the building.

    Factory foreman Masayuki Sato, 59, says, "When the earthquake disaster struck, the employees united to fix things," adding, "We want to finish the new torch in two years and will work to be chosen for the 2020 Olympics."

    According to Nippon Koki Co. and other sources, competitors for the torch design include an association of Kanagawa Prefecture businesses and a university research organ. The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will decide which torch is used.


  4. March 11th victims form human letters for Rio

    Children from a town in northeastern Japan that was hit hard by the March 2011 disaster have taken part in a special video for the Rio Olympic Games.

    More than 600 elementary and junior high school students from Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, formed letters on the ground to spell out "THANK YOU" in English. The children are still attending lessons in a temporary facility.

    As a small camera drone flew above them to record the scene, the students waved red balloons and shouted their thanks in both Japanese and English.

    The footage will be shown at the closing ceremony for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games next month, when the Olympic flag is passed on to a representative of the next host, Tokyo.

    The footage will feature in a presentation being created by the organizing committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

    One of the students who took part in the event said he wants people around the world who have supported them to know that Otsuchi town is recovering from the disaster.


  5. Now I know that this part of the ceremonies as a whole is only 8 minutes long, but I've been wondering what they'll try to convey. There is one song in particular that I'll link below that seems a good snapshot of culture since it is minyou, otherwise known as traditional japanese singing. This specific performance involves a famous form of group dancing performed in the annual Awa Odori Festival.

  6. I'm going to wait until the brand. The logo has lots of potential if used well with a powerful branding so its a bit too early to say its bad. I admit though its funny how we went back to a ring shaped logo (the original bid one) but now with a checkered pattern instead of cherry blossom.

    People really liked the bid logo so it makes sense why they wanted to go that way. If you look back on Japanese bid and games logos, they're either circles, flowers, or both. I have a feeling that the brand will not be directly related to the logo, like in Nagano.


  7. Hi guys

    I have started playing minecraft....I find it a great way to de-stress and also a way to convey some of my artistic and architectural ideas...Does anyone else play this?

    I am currently building an Olympic Park, will try and post photos along the way.

    I do this a lot in my free time, actually.

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  8. The extended videos in London- opening, Mr Bean and James Bond were very tiresome. Must have really broken up the show in the stadium. Other ceremonies like Sydney did not need to use any as far as I remember.

    As far as I remember I think these were kind of intermissions between different large scale segments of the ceremony so they could set up everything.

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