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  1. EDIT: *is, and also my bad I dragged the photo straight from twitter and I don't know why it made the post so long.
  2. I'm curious... if "Unity in Diversity" the new slogan or something? You don't see much of "Discover Tomorrow" anymore... Close Previous Next
  3. That part of the roof has always been part of the aesthetic of the design. It's meant to let light through since the roof itself is not translucent in any way as past Olympic Stadium roofs have been. I read an article recently that when the ceremony director is chosen in early 2018, Kengo Kuma will work with whoever that is to establish whether the constructors need to leave a part of the roof cut out or space under the stadium or whatever. The article also said that the requirement in the second bid said nothing about a cauldron, but when you look back to London and Beijing, neither of those stadiums were designed with the cauldron in mind, rather the idea for the cauldron came afterwards.
  4. In reality, it's too close to the games to try and sort through all the athletes that will participate from Russia to make sure none of them have doped without it being reported or properly detected. I personally think that Russia as a nation deserves the blanked ban from the games, including the next winter games since many winter sports are involved as well. If they get mad and want to make their own goodwill games with North Korea again, all the best.
  5. It appears that construction may have begun! https://twitter.com/tokyo_tosa/status/754568293193617409
  6. Does anyone know any online sources that will broadcast the OC live? I'm going to be having a watch party so I'm curious if Olympic TV (if that exists yet) or NHK or whoever will broadcast it properly.
  7. The Japanese government is set to release a 1000 yen commemorative coin by the end of the year based on the games.
  8. I found an article from December 2015 that I'm surprised we never came across then. http://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20151213/p2a/00m/0na/009000c
  9. Once the branding gets applied it does start to become more and more real, I think.
  10. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20160711_36/
  11. Now I know that this part of the ceremonies as a whole is only 8 minutes long, but I've been wondering what they'll try to convey. There is one song in particular that I'll link below that seems a good snapshot of culture since it is minyou, otherwise known as traditional japanese singing. This specific performance involves a famous form of group dancing performed in the annual Awa Odori Festival.
  12. Renders for the Japan House in Rio shows that the logo is meant to be color swapped in many ways. http://dentsu-ho.com/articles/4141
  13. Found this on SSC... http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1537278&page=303 That thing in the back in a sculpture by the (predicted) cauldron designer Antony Howe. It's in between the white sheets so maybe that's the sun/moon thing we saw way earlier in some render somewhere.
  14. I found this in SSC on one of the Portuguese pages... http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1537278&page=290
  15. People really liked the bid logo so it makes sense why they wanted to go that way. If you look back on Japanese bid and games logos, they're either circles, flowers, or both. I have a feeling that the brand will not be directly related to the logo, like in Nagano.
  16. I do this a lot in my free time, actually.
  17. It's nice to finally see the branding in the Olympic Park there on the tennis courts.
  18. Keisuke Ushiro, Asian Games 2014 decathlon gold medalist and Japanese decathlon record holder, will carry the flag in Rio. This time around, Saori Yoshida will be the team captain. http://www.joc.or.jp/sp/games/olympic/riodejaneiro/news/detail.html?id=7627
  19. Here are the renders/plans for the Field Hockey Stadium, Canoe Slalom Course, and the Ariake Coliseum.
  20. As far as I remember I think these were kind of intermissions between different large scale segments of the ceremony so they could set up everything.
  21. Hopefully when the seating in the back of the velodrome is done it'll look less empty...
  22. Well it took a little patience but I was able to find an article with all the renders in an actually visible form. http://www.asahi.com/articles/photo/AS20160624003915.html
  23. For some reason it looks like there might be a tunnel here: Maybe the athletes will come out of here? Seems like it will bottle neck if that's the case though.
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