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  1. I just watched the men's floor final and I hate how disrespectful the Brazilian crowd was. They knew that if Shirai messed up it increased their chances of getting a medal, so when he did they starting roaring and distracted Shirai even more. Have some respect.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone has answered this on any other topic, but why is attendance at the venues in general so poor? Is there any one reason or is it a combination of several?
  3. They almost mentioned it in the Rio ceremony until the IOC told them not to at the last second. The anniversary will pass during the games, so it's likely.
  4. I think the sculptures are actually different. The stems of the circle plates have balls on them in the stadium but not in the square.
  5. I have to be honest that I thought the beginning was too projector based and, even with the budget in mind, too concentrated in certain parts of the stadium. The one thing I didn't like about the parade is how the athletes were sprawled about in the back. The samba section was great. My favorite part is that, however hard we tried to figure out the cauldron exactly, we never got it right and I was still surprised.
  6. The hardest part about the tape delay is that I can't check this page, twitter, facebook, anything or I'll see spoilers.
  7. NBC spends the most money on obtaining rights for the games among all the countries. If you've ever watched ABC cover LA and Nagano (those are the ones I've watched), you'll wish they still did. The US audience alone is enough to influence the IOC to move things around so a suburban family in Wyoming can watch the games in prime time while Parisians can't.
  8. This might have been my first since I joined after 2012 and didn't (rather, couldn't) watch 2014 live, but I'll be at someone else's house who has a huge projector in her basement to watch the ceremony on. Maybe I'll do the live chat for 2018. I'll be sitting in my dorm room anyway doing nothing by then.
  9. Watching the gymnastics training and Nigeria vs Japan game, a lot of the signage is just "Rio 2016" in really small text over and over again, but no look of the games...
  10. Tokyo Dome will not be used as the baseball venue. Yokohama Stadium has been studied and will be able to host both baseball and softball (look at the top of the page). They talk about it later in the video I posted during the new sports package presentation.
  11. Here is an updated venue plan video. https://youtu.be/kFdceNqxNsY?t=26422
  12. Reminds me of how, until the IAAF championships the Bird's Nest had all its 2008 livery still on the stands.
  13. I tried to convince myself not to listen to it to keep the surprise, but I couldn't. I don't think I've ever heard any national anthem performed an beautifully as this, and the crowd matched the mood perfectly.
  14. I'm watching Sweden vs South Africa on NBC Sports online. If anyone was wondering, Rio is using the national anthems they recorded in Abbey Road Studios for London 2012. The stadium (the joao havelange) is pretty empty...
  15. Also this is the logo. https://www.olympic.org/news/129th-ioc-session-important-information-for-the-media
  16. Here's a glimpse at the session posted by Koji Murofushi.
  17. I think I need to stop opening the spoilers. Just opening the periscope for a second and it looks pretty nice. I'm going to a watch party so I don't want to be the guy who knows exactly whats going to happen all the time...
  18. My only concern is that the flame is still under the fabric roof, but I'm not sure if the material is flame resistant enough or if they reinforced it or something, but I'm hoping that it doesn't just start to melt...
  19. It appears that they are going to retain the curvy bit of the stands, so I think they are at least trying to retain as much of the current field as they can.
  20. I'm in. I hope I get an "underdog" like Brazil or Japan that could really perform well this year.
  21. To me it seems the long ends are a bit too far away from the track. Anyone sitting right in the front there probably wont have a great view.
  22. I'm curious how this will impact the IOC session before Rio. We already know several IOC members supported a blanket ban, so is it at all possible to establish a sort of no-confidence vote to re-elect a president that will stand up for integrity instead of give in to corrupt institutions that will host extravagant events in exchange for being allowed to dope?
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