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  1. I kind of had a stigma of football stadiums hosting the ceremonies since for some reason holding them in the Maracana seems a little lackluster in ambiance compared to previous ceremonies. But then again Sochi was in a football stadium, so I think that having a roof that is too low and a seating grade that is too shallow for me takes away from the inherent magnificance of the ceremonies themselves. Since Inglewood seems like it will be plenty tall, if LA wins I think this will be a great place to host the ceremonies.

  2. Quote

    2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium construction starts


    The construction of the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has begun, more than a year later than originally planned.

    NHK has learned that the Japan Sport Council obtained construction permits from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Tuesday, and construction began on Thursday.

    A groundbreaking ceremony will be held on December 11th and construction is scheduled to be completed in November, 2019.

    Architect Kengo Kuma created a plan for the new stadium.

    In July last year, the government scrapped an initial design by a different architect that was criticized for its high projected cost. Under the original plan, construction would have started in October last year.


  3. 3 minutes ago, Olympian2004 said:

    While I see that you are no Drumpf supporter, I wonder where you recognise "authenticity" in Drumpf. I mean, this guy is a blatant liar and it is actually ridiculous that so many working class Americans deemed him "their champion" despite his incredible wealth and his long history as someone who actually cares a damn about the needs of the non-privileged people who worked for him and whom he dealt with in other regards. This is really one of the big bad miracles of this election.

    What I meant by authenticity was how he presented himself and his views to the people compared to establishment republicans like McCain, Romney, and even Pence.

  4. Even though I am not happy with the outcome, the people voted for authenticity. I am and many Americans are tired with both party's establishment, but only the Republicans nominated the person who followed through with that desire. We can only hope that between now and 2020 either the Democrats become less tied to corporate interests and "big tent" ideals or falls apart completely so that we can pose a truly progressive candidate.

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  5. Quote

    Proposals to curb Olympic costs


    A Tokyo Metropolitan government panel has made multiple proposals for sporting venues at the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    The panel has been reviewing potential sites to curb ballooning costs. It presented its final report at the city hall on Tuesday. Governor Yuriko Koike has accepted the proposals.

    The panel recommended that the Olympic Aquatics Center, to be built in Tokyo's Koto Ward, should either use the current plan, with seating for 20,000 spectators, or a scaled down version with room for 15,000.

    The report didn't include the option of using existing facilities in the ward, because of a shortage of seats.

    The panel suggested 3 options for rowing and canoe-kayak events. These include the construction of a facility with either permanent or temporary seating, in Tokyo's waterfront area. The third option is to use existing facilities in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. The report included construction and maintenance costs.

    The panel suggested a scaling down of the Ariake Arena, in Koto ward for volleyball or using the Yokohama Arena.

    Koike will discuss the proposals in 4-way talks with the city, the Tokyo organizing committee, the IOC and Japan's government.




  6. Here are the details of the closing:




     Tokyo took center stage as Rio de Janeiro handed over the Olympic flag to the 2020 host city at a rain-lashed but joyous closing ceremony for the Rio Games on Sunday.

    Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike, wearing a light-colored kimono, took the flag from Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes and International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach before a handover ceremony that showcased Japan’s technology and presented Tokyo as a city of festivals and waterways.

    Tokyo gave an eight-minute presentation at a wet and sparsely attended Maracana Stadium as Rio prepared to bring the curtain down on the first Olympic Games ever to be held in South America.

    The show, produced by the stage directors for pop group Perfume, among others, began with a giant Japanese flag before Nintendo video game character Mario appeared on the stadium’s screens and a large green pipe was pushed onto the stage.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emerged from the pipe holding a red ball, before a gymnastics team from Aomori University interacted with computer-generated imagery to show off Japan’s technology to the world.

    Abe then handed the ball to two-time double Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Kosuke Kitajima, ending Japan’s segment to loud cheers from the crowd.


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