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  1. I'm just looking forward to philly hosting before 2050.
  2. I kind of had a stigma of football stadiums hosting the ceremonies since for some reason holding them in the Maracana seems a little lackluster in ambiance compared to previous ceremonies. But then again Sochi was in a football stadium, so I think that having a roof that is too low and a seating grade that is too shallow for me takes away from the inherent magnificance of the ceremonies themselves. Since Inglewood seems like it will be plenty tall, if LA wins I think this will be a great place to host the ceremonies.
  3. Who knows when it started, but at least we know the village is being built.
  4. I saw that there may be a possibility that there is a study being conducted as to whether a full roof is technically possible after the Olympics. I don't see this happening but it is interesting...
  5. Here is the above mentioned video with some great views of the stadium that we've never seen before.
  6. Here are the final renders released before construction begins in 5 days.
  7. What I meant by authenticity was how he presented himself and his views to the people compared to establishment republicans like McCain, Romney, and even Pence.
  8. Even though I am not happy with the outcome, the people voted for authenticity. I am and many Americans are tired with both party's establishment, but only the Republicans nominated the person who followed through with that desire. We can only hope that between now and 2020 either the Democrats become less tied to corporate interests and "big tent" ideals or falls apart completely so that we can pose a truly progressive candidate.
  9. I'm pretty sure the IOC and the IF don't want to go to Miyagi, so they're saying either Tokyo or Korea so that Koike will have no choice but to keep the event in the Bay.
  10. This seems like more of a political move from Koike. She wants to show the people she's willing to take drastic measures to lower costs, but it's unlikely much will change to the plan at this point.
  11. Even though we might not get any news about this until around 2018, the way the OC has decorated Handea might give us a glimpse of what they might do...
  12. There was recently an announcement of the ways they are trying to save money within the National Stadium, including new renders showing these changes.
  13. On youtube I found an interesting side by side of Tokyo's handover versus Pyeongchang's. It only has the sound of the Tokyo one.
  14. There are a few new document pictures just to spice our interest until they start building.
  15. I heard from my dad that the reason there was no Studio Ghibli references is because Miyazaki hates Abe, so he didn't want any of his or his team's creations to be involved with Abe in any way.
  16. Here's the full thing. It's cropped because IOC, but it's the only full version I could find.
  17. Here are the details of the closing: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2016/08/22/olympics/summer-olympics/rio-passes-olympic-flag-tokyo-super-abe-closing-ceremony/#.V7pfY5iLShc
  18. Japan moves up 5 spots since london, falling 2 golds short of doubling the gold tally in London. I feel like they're just getting started leading into Tokyo 2020.
  19. I feel like NBC maybe is beginning to respond to the anger of delaying ceremonies. I am able to watch, on nbcolympics.com that is, the closing ceremony live and without commentary in addition to what appears to be a live w/ commentary version.
  20. Here's a new render of the post-games Olympic Village.
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