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  1. That counts for most of the Middle East. But, Political and Social instability hasn't stopped the IOC before. A Middle Eastern Olympics is bound to happen one day.

    So what you're really saying is that a middle east games will happen but istanbul and doha which are in the middle east will not?

  2. i feel like the issue is, Tony, that you're not taking into account that the evolution of sport and economies in cities and countries around the world that currently don't seem like they have the capability to host something as big as the Olympics can and will change as time progresses. If the same cities just hosted over and over again we would never be able to experience the different cultures that the OC present and the capability to handle the world that allow these cities to grow from their legacy afterwards.

    Sure, Istanbul failed a few times, but it's not like they cannon do it. Jakarta, as mentioned, is growing and like all other cities that grow they will reach out to be noticed by the world and the OG are a perfect way to do that. You can never give any city a 0% chance. Besides, if Istanbul had a 0% chance why did they pass Madrid?

    About Dubai, I personally think that they will not have much of a chance given their necessity to host the games during the winter for the Northern hemisphere which would cause TV viewership to shrink and broadcasters might even pull out from their deals for that reason which is the last thing the IOC wants. Finally, the new 2020 initiative or whatever is looking to spend less money and allowing a nation that is known for extreme spending would not help that.

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  3. That may be in Beijing city which will be hosting 40% but the rest in Zhangjakou will be costing up to at least $50 to transform it from an 3rd world city to an world class city, This will be Sochi 2.0 not Almaty Kazakhstan who will only have to build 2 venues and media and athletes village to host the games plus update the transport infrastructure which will benefit the city after the games.

    when i talked about the alpine venues i was referring to zhangjakou because thats where they're all going to be... idk to be honest and i think a lot of people also think this its a little hard to understand what you say

  4. The only way there will be 3 Asian Olympics in a row, is if Oslo withdraws. Beijing doesn't have to spend as much People believe they do. They have the main structures in place, just need to transform them for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

    they also have to build all that stuff for the apline events, which still costs a buttload of money. Quite literally (according to the chart) every alpine venue either has to be built or renovated, and we don't know how much renovation is needed either. Thats why I personally think they will end up spending a lot more that we're told now.

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  5. imo it wouldn't be bad games or anything, but the spending that we all know they're gonna do is going to contribute to the stigma that the winter games cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars (sochi you bad boy) so for that reason and that 3 asian hosts in a row is just going to become uninteresting given that they all have somewhat similar cultures, i don't believe that they will win.

    all oslo has to do is pull a tokyo and somehow get public support up enough to win.

  6. Are Olympic stadiums required to have 9 or 10 lanes instead of the standard 8? I never thought about it, but that could be a potential headache for a few of the older stadiums like Berlin's Olympiastadion that have 8 lanes.

    as far as i can tell from the olympic charter (which doesnt say anything about it), I assume that like all other venues it has to meet the requirements of the IF, not the IOC. So in that case i think 8 are required. They just opted to have nine for the funsies.

  7. there are a few cities i'd like to see again (not that I saw them when I was alive). For example, seoul has changed a lot since it hosted in 1988 and even though korea is hosting winter in 2018, i think it would be great to see how seoul has changed since then in the form of a SOG. Even multiple hosts like london and tokyo had large gaps in between their current and previous games, so it almost feels like a new city once they host again.

  8. New document: http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=sdBUnenWAQE%3d&tabid=36&mid=762

    After a bit of google translator, i picked up on a few details:

    • definate 80,000 capacity
    • there are plans (what appears to be the most informal plans) to use the stadium in the future for IAAF world championships and/or FIFA world cup
    • the stadium is planned to be used many times throughout each year for concerts and events
    • the new price appears to be 162.5 billion yen (approx. $1.6 billion as of today)
    • the maintenance cost per year is 4 billion yen (approx. $39.2 million as of today which seems like a lot but idk what's normal)
    • it also explains that the reason they are renovating not just refurbishing is that it's no longer up to world sport standards and it's current earthquake resistance is not strong enough
    • 9 lanes on the track
    • just once again stating that construction will start next october (2015)

    thats about it. theres a small calendar (in heisei) that shows the basic dates we already know. july 2014-september 2015 is demolition and october 2015-march 2019 is construction with a small prep period afterwards before the rugby world cup.

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  9. imo it's a little late to really change the idea of complete reconstruction to just simple renovations since it's likely that the companies for demolition have already been contracted. The design could change, but then they would have to deal with IF's along with breaking the promise of a modern stadium unlike any other that they presented at the session.

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