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  1. just to be clear here's a screenshot from the IAAF charter or whatever it's called.
  2. as far as i can tell from the olympic charter (which doesnt say anything about it), I assume that like all other venues it has to meet the requirements of the IF, not the IOC. So in that case i think 8 are required. They just opted to have nine for the funsies.
  3. there are a few cities i'd like to see again (not that I saw them when I was alive). For example, seoul has changed a lot since it hosted in 1988 and even though korea is hosting winter in 2018, i think it would be great to see how seoul has changed since then in the form of a SOG. Even multiple hosts like london and tokyo had large gaps in between their current and previous games, so it almost feels like a new city once they host again.
  4. New document: http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=sdBUnenWAQE%3d&tabid=36&mid=762 After a bit of google translator, i picked up on a few details: definate 80,000 capacity there are plans (what appears to be the most informal plans) to use the stadium in the future for IAAF world championships and/or FIFA world cup the stadium is planned to be used many times throughout each year for concerts and events the new price appears to be 162.5 billion yen (approx. $1.6 billion as of today) the maintenance cost per year is 4 billion yen (approx. $39.2 million as of today which seems like a lot but idk what's normal) it also explains that the reason they are renovating not just refurbishing is that it's no longer up to world sport standards and it's current earthquake resistance is not strong enough 9 lanes on the track just once again stating that construction will start next october (2015) thats about it. theres a small calendar (in heisei) that shows the basic dates we already know. july 2014-september 2015 is demolition and october 2015-march 2019 is construction with a small prep period afterwards before the rugby world cup.
  5. another new document http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=Qm0JUlO7vyI%3d&tabid=36&mid=762
  6. I don't see why they would be concerned about the shooting venue since the one they are planning to use is the one from 1964 and would only require minimal renovations. The rowing and canoe venue however should be moved if the price is going to swell that much.
  7. I just went on the JSC site, but in japanese. It took a little scavenging but I found it eventually.
  8. There's a new Q&A posted on the JSC website but it's in Japanese http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=w39gQXKDZ3M%3d&tabid=36&mid=762
  9. i'm not sure if this has been asked but will the OC be broadcast live on their youtube page because I don't think there are any channels broadcasting it in the US...
  10. as far as the Glasgow 2014 website timer says, they'll start at 9pm GMT, which is 4pm EST.
  11. And it looks like these peaceful protests have made an impact. http://www.bdonline.co.uk/news/protests-pay-off-as-hadid-alters-tokyo-stadium/5069610.article
  12. imo it's a little late to really change the idea of complete reconstruction to just simple renovations since it's likely that the companies for demolition have already been contracted. The design could change, but then they would have to deal with IF's along with breaking the promise of a modern stadium unlike any other that they presented at the session.
  13. It's good that they're making this public instead of keeping it hush hush and overspending without anybody knowing.
  14. <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Xv9rnHlhb5s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> oops that didn't work. here: It's the Sayonara for the Future video from the TOCOG YouTube page
  15. I feel like the top view makes the stadium look very flat and boring, but the side view as shown here shows that upward curve that I find very appealing about this plan.
  16. From SSC That hole looks very similar to the one in the Olympic Torch hm? Also the barn at the end of the stadium does seem to open up, so who knows what they're going to do now.
  17. Maybe it'll be similar to London. Either it will be completely redone by some other designer (like the London Stadium) or toned down a whole bunch (like the London Aquatics Center).
  18. I wonder what the official logo is going to look like? Hopefully more interesting then PyeongChang...
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuuV5hYbmSE&feature=youtu.be
  20. Meant to say, "I also imagine that the government will not act like, "Here's the Olympics. Let's not do anything except for the next 7 years."
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