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  1. imo it's a little late to really change the idea of complete reconstruction to just simple renovations since it's likely that the companies for demolition have already been contracted. The design could change, but then they would have to deal with IF's along with breaking the promise of a modern stadium unlike any other that they presented at the session.
  2. It's good that they're making this public instead of keeping it hush hush and overspending without anybody knowing.
  3. <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Xv9rnHlhb5s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> oops that didn't work. here: It's the Sayonara for the Future video from the TOCOG YouTube page
  4. I feel like the top view makes the stadium look very flat and boring, but the side view as shown here shows that upward curve that I find very appealing about this plan.
  5. From SSC That hole looks very similar to the one in the Olympic Torch hm? Also the barn at the end of the stadium does seem to open up, so who knows what they're going to do now.
  6. Maybe it'll be similar to London. Either it will be completely redone by some other designer (like the London Stadium) or toned down a whole bunch (like the London Aquatics Center).
  7. I wonder what the official logo is going to look like? Hopefully more interesting then PyeongChang...
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuuV5hYbmSE&feature=youtu.be
  9. Meant to say, "I also imagine that the government will not act like, "Here's the Olympics. Let's not do anything except for the next 7 years."
  10. What I think is that some of the people that oppose the bid because of the power plant problems (saying some meaning really not a lot) believe that it could have been fixed within the time it has been since it happened. I agree that it is definitely a problem that they should be focusing on more than they have been, but it's not like they can just stop the radiation. It happened because of a natural disaster that they could have not prevented. They could have made the plants more prepared for a quake, but they wouldn't know how strong it might be. If everyone and everywhere in Japan were buckled down, waiting for the next earthquake, nothing would get done. So even though they are going for the bid, it will only take up 7-8 years of the decades, possibly centuries that the government will be working on fixing the plant leakages and containing the radiation. I also imagine that the government will act like, "Here's the Olympics. Let's not do anything except these for the next 7 years". They will be working on the problem leading up to the Olympics, during the Olympics, and after the Olympics. Even though it might not seem like they are doing a lot (which they are not), being patient with them is the best course of action. After all, they haven't dealt with such a large aftermath from a quake before so they don't really know what to do.
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