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  1. uhh how bout Antartica 2024? I mean they haven't ruled out a bid yet
  2. Here's Princeton. Be kind senpai http://www.mediafire.com/view/rw2i3lzq04g8h4r/Bid_Book.pdf
  3. If anything, we're worrying about how Rio's gonna get it dome more than we did Beijing. I don't really think there is a factor of easy to work with when it comes to the type of government. It should actually be easier for totalitarians (maybe Sochi, but it's complicated) to host since they don't have labor unions so no one can complain about construction... *done
  4. ok I just want to state that it's obvious that the IOC couldn't give a flying frank whether the government was a democracy or not. China hosted, the USSR hosted, Yugoslavia hosted, Nazi Germany hosted (before the war, but nevertheless...). If the IOC really gave two craps why would these countries have hosted in the first place.
  5. I just think that it wont happen for a long, long time. Regardless of what we think, we don't know the stigma of the middle east's effect on the IOC voters. Until they can be truly convinced that the games will occur at a normal time (not the middle of winter for the northern hemisphere) and can be assured as safe and humane (Qatar 2022 workers...), then maybe.
  6. I don't know if this has been posted since this thread has been sleepy time for a while, but I really like this one from Moscow 1980.
  7. if they got rid of the seating post games it would look a lot like londons...
  8. I expect they'll know better than to use wood for everything. Using it for some things like temporary seatings, velodrome track (kinda have to anyway), VIP boxes, parts of roofs, etc. If they want to keep them earthquake proof wood wont cut it
  9. Now I'm on my phone so this'll be a little sloppy. I was doing my daily round of Tokyo 2020 research just to see what's up, and I noticed this article (http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/social_affairs/AJ201409120045) that show student designs for the permanent and temporary venues, all made with local lumber. Of course this brings risk of fire, especially during earthquakes, is a danger but preventive measures can be taken and wood itself is cheaper than the amount of metal that would be used. What caught my interest were the pictures! Now these are in no way the final designs, but it kind of gives you an image of what kind of design we might see in 2020. I'll post correctly cropped images once I get home.
  10. I'm kind of wondering what the atmosphere will be like if they have the athletes seated in the stands unlike other summer games...
  11. kinda reminds me of tokyo 2016 huh this is hamburg's plan by the way
  12. Can't believe it's almost been a year since Tokyo won the 2020 games. It feels like it was just yesterday! I heard they're gonna release the logo around 2020 days to go which is pretty sweet imo

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      "There is a tie between Madrid and Istanbul..." I thought Tokyo eliminated with zero votes.

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      @phandrosis.The rumor is quite reliable.Our committee started to collect emblems and deadline is end of Dec.So I believe the logo will be released having exactly 2020 days to go.

  13. That's what I would do. In reality, once you win the games you can pretty much do whatever you want with your budget. After all, the bid is to win host rights. It's not organizing the entirety of the games, that's for after the bidding process.
  14. Princeton is in New Jersey... edit: oops sorry didn't see that post above
  15. Resculpting the face of Tokyo ahead of 2020 Gameshttp://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0001459018
  16. Don't forget that this is the Oslo thread. There's another one for a Germany 2024 bid...
  17. The Princeton Packet This evening, at a town hall meeting, the PBOC has released the maps showing the locations of the venues. Not much was disclosed about what venues are where, but what is known at this point is that the Princeton University Stadium will be renovated to 80,000 seats and become a full multi-use stadium for the games.
  18. I made mine on google docs since I have 0 experiance making logos
  19. Princeton Bid for the XIX Pan-American Games The Princeton Bid Organizing Committee (PBOC) has released the winner of the logo competition held at the local schools. This contest further highlights PBOC's idea to make these games the people's games. The logo, designed by Henry Howard Henry, showcases the Olympic Ring's Colors, representing the Olympic Charter that all athletes, officials, and coaches must follow. The shape of the blue, red, and black symbols represent the birds that fly in all the parks of Princeton and all of the skies of the great community. The final section, the orange and black wings, represent the colors of Princeton and Princeton University. The people and students that live in the town will host athletes from around the continent and give them the wings to soar to greatness.
  20. man why dont we just let canada host everything no ones ever mad at them
  21. I don't know if they are planning to, but Quebec City was kind of egged on to bid in 2026 by Rogge and that could be pretty cool. A not economic bombshell of an olympics in French Canada.
  22. this is something we have to take into consideration. We haven't talked much about legacy. What exactly will Almaty, Beijing, or Oslo do with their venues after they host. Of course they will be used for training, yes. But what about upkeep? Is the area popular enough to have enough business during the winter to break even and hopefully profit after the games to maintain funds to upkeep. The amount a venue costs wont matter if more costs are piled on for upkeep.
  23. It's because they don't do anything that effects the international community. If Obama and Putin meet up, it's a big deal. If the Kazakhstani President and Obama met up, it wouldn't turn any heads. As far as I know, they just do stuff internally and as long as they don't try to spread their influences or anything, a lot of people wouldn't be able to even pinpoint Almaty, let alone Kazakhstan on a map.
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