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  1. It's because they don't do anything that effects the international community. If Obama and Putin meet up, it's a big deal. If the Kazakhstani President and Obama met up, it wouldn't turn any heads. As far as I know, they just do stuff internally and as long as they don't try to spread their influences or anything, a lot of people wouldn't be able to even pinpoint Almaty, let alone Kazakhstan on a map.
  2. this article says that construction costs have rised ever since the earthquake due to reconstruction efforts around the nation (http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/06/11/us-olympics-japan-idUSKBN0EM0QB20140611) so i think the rates that they were based on in the bid books and all were expected to rise after the fact but not as much as they did after Tokyo won the bid. When they did, contractors that owned land near the bay that were building condos saw hige spikes in revenue because people wanted to be closer to the action or something. Its just kinda like they knew it was gonna rise and were prepared, but when the prices jumped all of the sudden they were in a tough spot to keep things economican and compact at the same time. economical
  3. its just for a few venues whose cost has soared. The basketball/badminton events were supposed to be held on reclaimed land in a venue called the Youth Plaza but costs are rising, along with the needs to create breakwater somethings for the rowing/canoe course that is raising costs and the relocation of the slalom from a park to other land owned by the government. Together it's not a whole lot given that they're trying to make the games economical and possibly lessening the stigma that hosting the games required tens of billion just for venues alone.
  4. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/kyodo-news-international/140828/tokyo-may-use-existing-facilities-some-sports-2020-oly
  5. They might as well. It's not like Tokyo has to build any stadiums for it anyway.
  6. went through and counted. he called beijing an "insurance policy" 5 times.
  7. New Document: http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=TPWLRUdZ4bE%3d&tabid=36&mid=762
  8. kind of a far off thought but has anyone thought about where they might place the cauldron? I mean the stadium's fabric-like roof probably isn't great with fire and with jumbo trons on both openings kind of block a view outside.
  9. “I love smoking,” Masao Aso, a 49-year-old worker in the auto industry, said during a cigarette break in a smoking area of a central Tokyo office building. “I want them to put aside some space for us, however small it may be. I don’t want to cause trouble for anyone else.” it's nice that they're thinking of others.
  10. two new documents from the JSC. This one (http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=WnVlVRv21YU%3d&tabid=36&mid=762) according to my dear google translate shows a slight change in the dates. Something called "Design Implementation" spans from August 2014 to September 2015, which is similar to the demolition schedule. The actual demolition timeline now stands at September 2014 - September 2015 which is ahead of the previous schedule of October 2014 - October 2015. The construction dates are the same. There's another one that's rather long (http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/Portals/0/shushimikomi/20140820_shushimikomi.pdf) that looks to be about finances and stuff.
  11. It's great that they have established to the protesters the facts behind why they cannot just add seats and slam on a roof.
  12. Yeah I suppose that most of the cities especially the smaller ones will most likely never be able to win a games. I think I just worded it a bit to generally.
  13. So if you host the Pan Am Games you are not fully capable to host the Olympics? Rio won and many know that hosting the Pan Ams really helped their bid. Toronto may do the same in the future since the Pan Ams will be the largest sporting event in Canada. In reality there is nothing stopping Lima from bidding and after Rio opens the door for more South American hosts when they hopefully host fantastic games, Lima will have and equal chance to host compared to any city. ...even London
  14. when i talked about the alpine venues i was referring to zhangjakou because thats where they're all going to be... idk to be honest and i think a lot of people also think this its a little hard to understand what you say
  15. they also have to build all that stuff for the apline events, which still costs a buttload of money. Quite literally (according to the chart) every alpine venue either has to be built or renovated, and we don't know how much renovation is needed either. Thats why I personally think they will end up spending a lot more that we're told now.
  16. i dont really know how this works yet, but i was wondering when we'll see a tokyo 2020 section in the olympic games category, not buried in the 2020 bid section
  17. imo it wouldn't be bad games or anything, but the spending that we all know they're gonna do is going to contribute to the stigma that the winter games cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars (sochi you bad boy) so for that reason and that 3 asian hosts in a row is just going to become uninteresting given that they all have somewhat similar cultures, i don't believe that they will win. all oslo has to do is pull a tokyo and somehow get public support up enough to win.
  18. just to be clear here's a screenshot from the IAAF charter or whatever it's called.
  19. as far as i can tell from the olympic charter (which doesnt say anything about it), I assume that like all other venues it has to meet the requirements of the IF, not the IOC. So in that case i think 8 are required. They just opted to have nine for the funsies.
  20. New document: http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=sdBUnenWAQE%3d&tabid=36&mid=762 After a bit of google translator, i picked up on a few details: definate 80,000 capacity there are plans (what appears to be the most informal plans) to use the stadium in the future for IAAF world championships and/or FIFA world cup the stadium is planned to be used many times throughout each year for concerts and events the new price appears to be 162.5 billion yen (approx. $1.6 billion as of today) the maintenance cost per year is 4 billion yen (approx. $39.2 million as of today which seems like a lot but idk what's normal) it also explains that the reason they are renovating not just refurbishing is that it's no longer up to world sport standards and it's current earthquake resistance is not strong enough 9 lanes on the track just once again stating that construction will start next october (2015) thats about it. theres a small calendar (in heisei) that shows the basic dates we already know. july 2014-september 2015 is demolition and october 2015-march 2019 is construction with a small prep period afterwards before the rugby world cup.
  21. another new document http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=Qm0JUlO7vyI%3d&tabid=36&mid=762
  22. I don't see why they would be concerned about the shooting venue since the one they are planning to use is the one from 1964 and would only require minimal renovations. The rowing and canoe venue however should be moved if the price is going to swell that much.
  23. I just went on the JSC site, but in japanese. It took a little scavenging but I found it eventually.
  24. There's a new Q&A posted on the JSC website but it's in Japanese http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=w39gQXKDZ3M%3d&tabid=36&mid=762
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