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  1. ...if boston can scrape together public money for an olympics, then why can't they do that for things that are an actual necessity for a city?

    It's really since they are relying on TV sponsorship and other sponsorships. I don't think NBC wants to spend their money sponsoring subways, and Coca Cola doesn't want to invest in snow plows.

    I can see how the budget is going to definitely go over if they host, as it always does. Even though the total budget (including security and whatever else) is 9.1 Billion with the only public funds coming from the Federal level, and with their supposed cushion for overruns, they can't be sure that sponsorships and ticket sales will evolve the way they want. Maybe it's because I want Boston to win or the way the committee speaks is reassuring enough for me to believe them, but I still have some faith they'll be able to pull it off and return a profit to the city.

  2. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/02/24/olympic-organizers-acknowledge-mixed-message-transportation-projects/cTNpYRGRSgAoyqdmlr7EsL/story.html

    I always hate reading the comments for these globe articles. They're full of people saying over and over again that the taxpayers will pay for everything.

    If any of these people bothered to go to the Citizens Advisory Group meetings and look at what they're actually saying and not what the biased Globe is, and to that point going up to ask questions instead of stating them online where no one will hear them, then they could be possibly reassured that (little to) no taxpayer money from the city itself or the state itself will be used.

  3. China is the worlds most populated Country, Kazakhstan isn't. China's economy is bigger then Kazakhstan's.

    I don't see how either of these constitutes Beijing as an outright winner. First of all, the amount of people in these countries has nothing to do with whether they can host better games or not. It neither merits or devalues their bids. It's not like Kazakhstan's population is so small it can't fill its 35,000 seat stadium for ceremonies. The economy isn't a real player here either. In the past, countries with smaller economies have still beaten out bids from countries with larger economies. Even though the margin was small, Australia beat out China in 1993 with a GDP worth 128.5 billion less than China. If the IOC cared which developed country is a little more developed, we would have been in Beijing in 2000. But since they were in Sydney, I don't think that the mentality has or will have changed since then, so using the economies as a reason why Beijing has won already isn't super solid ground.

  4. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20150208_19.html

    Sapporo prepares for 2017 Winter Asian Games
    Feb. 8, 2015 - Updated 08:12 UTC-5

    Officials from the Olympic Council of Asia have inspected the venues for the 2017 Winter Asian Games in Sapporo and Obihiro in Japan's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido.

    OCA Honorary Life Vice President Wei Jizhong and 8 other officials visited Sapporo on Sunday.

    They were told that the Japanese organizing committee has already obtained permission to use existing facilities for the games. They also learned that multilingual call centers will be set up to help foreign visitors.

    The OCA officials visited the Sapporo Dome, where the opening ceremony will be held. They also saw an information booth for the games at the venue for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival.

    Wei expressed satisfaction with the progress.

    The president of the Japan Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, said Sapporo has a lot of experience in this field as this will be the city's third Winter Asian Games.

    Sapporo was also the venue for the Olympic Winter Games in1972.

    Takeda said the 2017 games could help to build the mood for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018, and the Summer Games in Tokyo in 2020.

    He added that their success will help Sapporo's chances of making a winning bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics

  5. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/03/japan-olympic-row-j-pop-band-akb48-opening-ceremony

    There has been a lot of backlash from the entertainment industry and the public against AKB48 participating in the opening ceremony, given that the man who created the group is part of the executive board of TOCOG. Some have said that they would be an embarrassment to the rich Japanese culture, and I have to agree.

    If Japan wants to have that grand show they never really had in Nagano or any other games they have hosted, they should have an Athens-like ceremony like some have suggested, that is very peaceful and demonstrates the culture in a very artistic way.

  6. I saw this comment while I was reading this article. I have no idea if it's true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was...

    And yet 75% of "No Boston's" social followers live outside of Massachusetts and even the US, they hired protesters online... And they continue to Illegally request donations without a certificate of solicitation from the Attorney General. Send all the messages you want to the IOC and USOC and make sure you use the same cover letter as last time since you manipulated their logo and used copyrighted words & phrases = lawsuit


  7. AGE: 16
    LOCATION: Still Princeton, but the second any west coast college says yes next year, I'm jumpin away from this boring place
    NATIONALITY: Half Japanese and Half Pennsylvania Dutch. Pennsylvania Dutch are not dutch, but dutch is basically a bastardization of "Deutschland" by English speakers when referring the the Germans that emigrated to Pennsylvania in the late 1600s. It's a weird mix, really.
    SEXUALITY: Probably straight. You know how teens are. This is our experiment time.
    RELIGION: I used to go to a Protestant church in Princeton, but we stopped going for a few reasons. One was that my dad, being Japanese and all, wasn't really a devout Christian or anything. He did attend a private high school in the US all on his own with the money in his back pocket (mostly cause his dad wanted him to do it on his own. My great grandfather ran a welding business headquartered in Tokyo that served as a manufacturer during the war. Afterwards, he went into computers so he wasn't exactly making the salary that can send a son to a private high school abroad...) and my mom's side, even though Germans were probably some sort of Christian, aren't the most religious folk. My grandmother is fiercely liberal (and my grandfather is an artist who designed the original stickers for the bridges in Life, by the way) so they raised my mom in a rather secular environment aside from going to church every Sunday unlike those Commies. But now I'm more or less agnostic. I don't want to end up campaigning for any religion once I get older and come off as a whackjob, so I'm starting off early by never forming an opinion.
    MADONNA: She's old enough to be my grandma, so I'm not really a fan. I like the Pink Guy album though. You guys should listen to it... ;););)

    Oops I forgot to add the second reason for why we stopped going to church. It was because we didn't want to wake up early on Sundays. I didn't care when I was little, but nowadays I really appreciate it.

    Oh my kami I meant grandfather owned the welding business, not great grandfather. This is why my ACT/SATs are gonna be in the grabbage. My grandfather inherited the business from his father (my great grandfather) after the war.

    Fun fact, my great grandfather on my other side was in the Imperial Air Force and crashed and died on some pacific island. B)

    When i say other side i don't mean the Pennsylvania Dutch side cause that doesn't make sense. I mean like my Dad's mother's father or something like that I don't know the genealogy

  8. http://aroundtherings.com/site/A__49837/Title__Poll-Boston-Supports-Olympic-Bid/292/Articles

    This article makes No Boston Olympics seem like a real dillweed that, now that a bunch of their former arguments are becoming defunct since Boston 2024 is doing their community meetings, has no solid argument.

    They need a better spokesperson if they plan to get the signatures for a referendum. At this point and with the common trend of approval ratings, they're bum out of luck.

  9. Beijing records worst air pollution this winter
    Jan. 15, 2015 - Updated 06:08 UTC-5

    China's capital Beijing has had its worst air pollution of this winter, prompting officials to extend a warning issued on Monday.

    Officials at the US Embassy in Beijing say the density of the pollutant PM 2.5 reached 568 micrograms per cubic meter on Thursday afternoon.

    Thick smog obscured skyscrapers in the capital. Many people outside wore face masks.

    Officials ordered workers at construction sites in the city not to disperse dust particles, and called on people to wear masks.

    A woman wearing a face mask said she felt discomfort in her eyes, nose and ears. Another said she wears a mask and stays home as much as possible.

    China's government says it plans to deal with pollution as a top priority. It has been closing factories that do not meet environmental standards, and ordering reductions on using coal.


  10. I like Hamburg bid concept. Well really I kike the look of the stadium they proposed. It reminds me of Tokyo's stafium plan from 2016, how it's kinda in the middle of water.

    But I agree if Rome gets pooped out, even with the money saving nature of Agenda 2020, and Paris doesn't even try so we're left with Hamburg as the only Euro city it will be an interesting race. None of the remaining candidates (as far as we know) would be the ones people would immediately name when asked about the country the cities are in.

    The race of the underdogs, perhaps

  11. I don't anybody here uses Annecy as a 'threshold' for anything. At least not the general consensus anyway.

    It was back on page 30. It just kinda bugged me at the moment because some people talk about hosing summer events in general make them more favorable, when there are many more important factors that play into it.

    I think some people really underestimate the importance of hosting SUMMER OGs. and experience of hosting SUMMER sports events

    Annecy 2018 applicant review got 9.0-10.0 scores,

    Do you remember what the listed?

    Annecy: cycling, open water swimming, athletics, mountain bike, golf

    France: rugby, athletics, handball, cycling, tennis

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