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  1. There was a meeting today to finalize the design of the stadium leading up to the IOC session at the end of the month. Here are the details:

    1- The landscaping has been updates


    2- The temporary seats operate as shown below. For the Rugby World Cup/Future large scale football/rugby events the capacity is ~76,500, then is reduced by 15,000 to ~61,000


    3- This is the layout for football, and I assume they'll cover up the track with some fake grass or something when it comes to it.


    4-These are some new profile shots showing the shape of the stadium. This is the final design so what you see here is what you will see in 2020.



    5- This is a cross section showing the size of the different hospitality areas, the reference to the ground, etc.


    6- These are the newest renders (I couldn't find bigger ones)


    7- Finally, this is the model that was present at the meeting.


    (source: http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium//tabid/411/Default.aspx )

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  2. I understand how important it is to get a national stadium, but I really don't get the price of it. It's insanely high!

    It's expensive mostly due to the design itself. The contractors have to lug in pre-fabricated arch parts through a cramped city and reassemble them on site, to name a few of the construction feats they have to do. The design is not as easy as a bowl and a flat roof. They chose this design and might not have forseen that it's kinda hard to build such a massive structure in the middle of the city.

  3. The problem is that we don't know how they will vote this time around. Maybe because of several Agenda 2020 reforms, desire to look less corrupt than FIFA, or just to look good, IOC members might vote for Almaty towards athlete experience. However, we know that China has given stadiums and sports venues to several African countries, who hold a number of IOC seats, so maybe they would vote for them for that reason. I personally think that Almaty is the best choice, but being that this technically is the first bidding process under Agenda 2020, things could change from past elections.

  4. I don't think this is Beijing's to lose at all. Almaty has problems, like accommodation, that can be changed rather easily as 2022 approaches. It's not good to base the decision on speculated economic changes in the future either, as it has been noted the Chinese economy is on the decline as of now, making their situations slightly similar. We also know very well that Beijing is not very good at fulfilling their promises on legacy to "promote sports", making Beijing not a "proven commodity". They don't have enough real snow, especially for the Paralympics, and making snow would take a great toll on the surrounding area. If the IOC is serious about providing the best athlete experience (which I think they are compared to other organizations...), Almaty is the best choice.

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  5. I searched around the internet for more info about those renders I posted earlier from the NY Times article, and found that there was a design show about Zaha Hadid in Japan a few weeks before the most recent official renders were released back in October of 2014. Here are some photos I got from it. ( http://www.fashion-headline.com/article/img/2014/10/19/8121/94896.html )









    For these next few, given recent developments, we can kind of ignore the mesh in the main roof area since that wont be there during the games.



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