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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/17/us-olympics-japan-stadium-idUSKCN0PR09F20150717

    It's not a surprise. Abe has now stated they are starting from scratch again. I know it looks like a mess, and it is, but this is really the best option for them. With 81% disapproval and disapproval from ruling and opposition, it was inevitable that this would happen.

    Having the new stadium for RWC was always Mori's dream even before he got involved with TOCOG, so I think it's reasonable to abandon plans to have it ready by then. I don't know much about rugby culture in Japan, but would the stadium have had pulled 80,000 for the matches anyway? Maybe...

  2. I'm expecting the release during the 5 years to go celebration on the 24th. There's no official announcement, but it makes sense to do it then and I don't know the rules, but I imagine they have to have the official logo by the IOC session presentation along with the finalized venues.

  3. The New National Stadium was going to be renovated for the 2019 RWC anyway, so I guess since that had been an objective since they were awarded the WC in 2010 (I think) they put it into their bid that started as an Applicant the next year. The reason they're not switching now is that the old stadium is gone so they have to put something there.

  4. Also I thought this was interesting. Some people are calling this 森の古墳 or Mori's Tomb, referring to how Mori, the CEO or whatever of TOCOG is setting up this huge stadium that will serve almost as a legacy after he dies, similar to how olden times Emperors would create large and elaborate 古墳 or tombs that were often mound shaped...



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  5. And not this:


    This article states that Tadao Ando, the JSC guy who managed the stadium design contest and has been out of the media ever since the opposition arose, will be holding a proper press conference tommorow (today in Japan, the 16th).

    Will he admit that the JSC must change the design? Or will they stick with a design neither the people or government want? They have 15 days until the IOC session presentation, but could the IOC allow TOCOG more time to finalize the stadium if a new design is requested?

    We'll see...

  6. I agree. I've tried to look at Hadid's design and like it, but it just isn't right for the city. They (the government) should look at stadiums from the 2002 WC. They were basic, capable of track and football (basically they were athletics stadiums), and affordable. The largest stadium from then, in Yokohama, is almost 200 billion less than the national stadium will be if the design remains. Even with changed construction costs and labor issues, it's obvious that they can build a proper stadium cheap.

    for the sake of national pride they might as well get a Japanese architect to do it anyway.

  7. The problem here is that it's simply too late. The construction companies have signed the contracts (officially now), the JSC and Government have agreed, and the blueprints are set in stone.

    Poll: 81% disapprove $2-billion Olympic stadium

    An NHK poll shows that more than 80 percent of people surveyed disapprove a plan to build a new Olympic stadium in Tokyo that costs more than 2 billion dollars. The facility will be the main arena for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

    NHK telephoned men and women aged 20 or over across Japan for 3 days from Friday. 1,024 people, or 67 percent, responded.

    The Japanese government recently announced the estimated cost of the new national stadium, which is about 700 million dollars more than the initial estimate.

    81 percent of respondents say they disapprove of the plan to build the stadium without changing its design. 13 percent approve.


  8. I've noticed this for a while and, while it's not a bad thing, I've noticed through several social medias that Beijing 2022 is on, they are holding a lot of events based around their bid, meaning they're spending a good amount of money on bid promotion while Almaty 2022 seems pretty relaxed and is strolling along with their, "Keeping It Real" slogan. I remember that Agenda 2020 was trying to stop so much spending on bids, so just in my opinion and I know they have to advertise the bid I get that but if Beijing fully supported the Agenda, even if it isn't meant to apply to this bidding process more so to the next, they wouldn't be holding so many promotional events for the bid. I mean I read somewhere that approval was like 99% so it's not like they need to get the public hyped up (if they even have a choice ;) ).

  9. Wikipedia claims about Vancouver's cauldron:

    "Under IOC rules, the lighting of the Olympic cauldron must be witnessed by those attending the opening ceremony, implying that it must be lit at the location where the ceremony is taking place. Although another IOC rule states that the cauldron should be witnessed outside by the entire residents of the entire host city, this was not possible since the ceremony took place indoors"

    So if that's true, and I bet there are some experts on this site that can verify this. Does this make Vancouver 2010 W.O., and Toronto 2015 P.A., the only two olympics/regional games to have an opening ceremony indoors?

    Sochi 2014 was also indoor, with the cauldron outside the stadium in the middle of the Olympic Park.

  10. I wonder if Rio will follow the trend which Bak and Toronto are establishing now of doing more artistic lightnings of the cauldron and bringing the torch much earlier.

    The torch coming in and lighting the cauldron (almost) directly have signified the end of the ceremony for as long as I can remember, so I don't think they would change it. Maybe it has to do with the relay ending before the ceremonies or something else, I don't know.

  11. I don't think the arches will be blocking a lot of light at all. After all, there are several large translucent and transparent parts of the roof that allow light in. The arches themselves don't really protrude into the stadium really. They mostly stick out on the exterior. Besides that the stadium is naturally very expansive, so unless you're on the top row of the top tier it wont feel any more claustrophobic than a stadium with a similar roof size.


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