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  1. The stadium kind of reminds me of Nagano, especially after seeing the cauldron placement.
  2. So all this came out just today in preparation for 1000 days to go, but I'm not 100% sure whether this is the actual Look of the Games or not, but we'll see I guess. (Olympic Graphics) (Paralympic Graphics)
  3. They look a lot better than the old ones...
  4. More updates: http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/617/Default.aspx
  5. A bunch of information was released today. http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/616/Default.aspx Here we see the stands rising up along with an almost complete roof section. Here we see the inspiration of the seating color and design, and the exact organization. Finally we have some renders of the area under the stadium alongside some cosmetic changes.
  6. sorry about the above post it didn't embed properly and I can't edit posts.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqOuc2aZiZ8
  8. Video of venues is available through the link. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20170801_21/
  9. I remembered I had this scheduled that places the mascot reveal probably sometime after Pyeongchang. I wouldn't be surprised if they released it alongside the look of the games and pictograms at 2 years to go.
  10. This video I found shows the progress of the national stadium, olympic village, aquatics center, and Ariake arena at 3 years to go.
  11. The roof pieces are really starting to come together now. http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/614/Default.aspx http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/615/Default.aspx
  12. They rewrote a single line from the old Olympic enka since the original refers to Rome, but the new one refers to Rio.
  13. I imagine the little blue pentagon in the first picture and the absence of seats leading up to it is a pretty obvious cauldron placement.
  14. Curious article. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20170720_29/
  15. Just read on the JSC website that the following photos show what the original landscaping was going to look like but after some sort of review, it will be like the latter photos. Original: New version:
  16. I think it'll probably be Yuna Kim with some child for the cheezy sentiment like in Incheon.
  17. Some construction update + new renders showing new angles and proposed seat coloring
  18. I like Belarus and Portugal, but the fear is that they will encounter a lot of the same problems Ukraine did if they had to host. With that in mind, I wouldn't mind if Italy, Belgium, or France won this year.
  19. There are some new renders of the arenas in the Ariake area. http://www.2020games.metro.tokyo.jp/taikaijyunbi/torikumi/facility/kankyou/hyoukashoan_ariaketaisou/index.html
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