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  1. You kind of have to look at the blank space within the square (I guess??) of the logo as its own part like the black, and like with London or Sochi they reiterated the Olympic logo by shifting colors, in this case the white and black are switched. I suppose it's showing the "Team" aspect that the Olympics and Paralympics are on equal ground and share the same values.

  2. It's hard to compare this to rio because they come from totally different places, different cultures. I like this logo because it's simple, because it's not trying to take the motif of Olympics and shove it down our throats. I like it because it isn't just the rising sun, nor is it just a cherry blossom. It's something new, and we shouldn't expect the same ideas reiterated every four years for a logo. My advice is give it time, and it'll likely develop through marketing and whatever else into a very iconic logo.

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  3. I watched the entire thing, and it seems like both sides are a little tunnel visioned for their side of the argument.

    One thing I noticed is that No Boston Olympics kept asking why no private money from the plan is being used for the T, where without the olympics the taxpayers would have payed for the improvements anyway. I don't know if No Boston Olympics is trying to make it seem like private investors would do this (which they wouldn't, ever), but it seemed like something they glossed over.

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