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  1. I wrote this response in SSC when someone posted the same thing.

    In a way they are right, but at the same time wrong. We know prices went up due to the plain fact that construction prices in Tokyo rose as well. However, as proven before and surprisingly not stated in this article, the arches may have allowed for quicker construction of the roof, but they were at such an angle that they did not act as supporting arches, but almost decorative. Constructors would have had to shove several meters of steel rods into the ground to keep the roof up. So yes, part of the reason the price went up was due to general construction costs, but that doesn't mean that the design required such intense engineering to keep it standing up right.

    I hope the JSC chooses something simple this time. Something like in Rome, Kiev, Berlin, etc. There is no need to sacrifice money and time for aesthetic in this case.

  2. Here's a little look into the IOC session. The IOC stated that the general concept of the Session room and the Presentation room will remain the same for all Sessions, meaning that the Session room will continue to retain the circular design shown below, and the Presentation room will always put the cities bidding at center stage. Can't wait to see it in action!




  3. The USOC could still return to the original 35, and there were some that went to the top 10 that we never knew about. Here's the list:


    San Jose, Calif.

    Los Angeles


    San Diego

    San Francisco


    Washington, DC

    Jacksonville, Fla.

    Orlando, Fla.








    St. Louis

    Las Vegas

    New York



    Charlotte, N.C.

    Columbus, Ohio

    Tulsa, Okla.

    Portland, Ore.




    Nashville and Davidson County

    Austin, Tex.



    San Antonio


  4. I was thinking that for the look of the games the logo could appear as one solid color that matches the color or colors chosen for that venue, but the sun remains red throughout. The designs themselves I can't think of. They could stay with geometric shapes like my signature and make them one color (not limited to black, gold, silver, or red btw) or go with something completely different.

  5. That logo works for the theatre. I see the T, D, and L. For Tokyo's logo, though, I don't see why it needs an extra mark on the bottom right, other than for aesthetic purposes,

    I think it's supposed to outline the larger circle within the emblem that represents the world or something like that.

  6. I don't see why everyone's starting to hate the logo. I for one, am liking it. It's retro-modern, simple and sleek.

    The colours are different from Rio's bright colours. Besides, the logos make Japan look smart and sophisticated if you compared it to the warmth and friendliness of Brazil.

    I wondering how they would use the colours and shapes in banners, advertisements, posters etc.

    I'm thinking, and I think someone said this before, it would make sense to use one color alone for a banner, so that they don't all look the same. Who knows what they'll do though. It's only one day less than 3 years until we'll likely see the look of the games anyway.

  7. They can still have a manga/anime-style mascot (hopefully only one, not a family of them) and I think it could fit the logo very well.

    And now that I think of it, these logos allow for the Paralympic mascot to be the same as the Olympic mascot but with inverted colours. That would be original and completely in line with what the logos seem to represent.

    Given the style of the thousands of mascots, it's likely we'll have something like that.

    For example, here's the mascot for the 2017 Asian Winter Games in Sapporo.


  8. Every logo since 1992 has been a variation on Barcelona, or has been something unique that nobody else has bothered to try and emulate afterwards. In that sense, only Barcelona's logo can really be said to have undeniably ;) gone down in history.

    Save Atlanta and until London, basically yeah.


  9. Unexpected is the word.

    I thought this would be more minimalist, it's already the case (simple shapes) in some way but at the end by assembling them I lose this feeling.

    There's a certain potential in this but I'm waiting to see where they will go with this: could be great or bad (actually I'm concerned by the pattern they will put on the banners everywhere in venues, I hope it's not the one we can see at the top of their website 'cuz it looks dated. Personally I feel they should work color by color, not all of them in one design or try something else.

    The colors look bland, I'd rather have a good deep black than shades of grey (feels dated) even the red dot could be stronger. Lack of energy, it could be a good design for contemporary art event or restaurant identity but olympics?...

    I also note that: the logo looks really heavy on the typo, the space between them should have been bigger.

    Overall, I like the fact they took the risk to try something different in olympics habits, will it worth it? I hope.

    My biggest disappointment is the lack of energy, mainly comes from the colors. Shapes thing is interesting though.

    Good luck Tokyo 2020 ;) !

    ...did you mean to post this in the logo thread? http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/24984-tokyo-2020-official-logo/page-21

    oh sorry my bad i didn't realize there was another page and missed your statement :(

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