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  1. I think in the coming months this will mostly mull over. The Belgian designer will contact the IOC/TOCOG to stop using the logo, but they'll basically say no. He can go to Belgian courts, but the fact of the matter is that it's just a coincidence. Rio had this problem with the Colorado company, but we didn't and don't hear much about it anymore.

    Also this...


  2. I want to say that the IOC is intelligent enough (more than FIFA) to abide by Agenda 2020 by now. Whenever I or anyone else says this, someone always comes back saying that the Agenda is not in effect here and/or it will never be.

    I also believe that they care that the athletes have the best environment for a Winter Games, so to be honest as Almaty has been, there should be (not always the case in the past, I know) actual snow. Not snow taken from "reserves" that may or may not be connected to several farms...

  3. The Tokyo Logo already has a trademark on the design at hand, as shown in very small print in the logo itself. Therefore, the Belgian designer can't do anything to lawfully remove the logo due to infringement. The best they can do is whine.

    If you look at the past work of the Tokyo 2020 emblem designer, you can see that this style is common with him. The style itself is not exclusive to a Belgian or a Japanese or a Spaniard.

    Besides, look at the logo. It's a rectangle with some triangles and a circle. There is no way that this has not been done before and there is no way it'll not be done again.

  4. Olympic organizers see no problem with emblem

    Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics say they see no problem with the emblems, despite them becoming a target of criticism. The recently-disclosed designs have been criticized for being very similar to those created by other designers.

    The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games unveiled the emblems last Friday.

    But a Belgian-based designer claimed this week that the emblem closely resembles a logo he created for a theater in Belgium 2 years ago.

    Other critics say the emblem reminds them of a design created by a Spanish company to solicit donations for northern Japan after the 2011 disaster there.

    The Tokyo Organising Committee said it spent a long time checking trademarks across the world before making a formal decision on the emblems.

    The committee says it believes there's no problem with the emblems as it has gained approval from the International Olympic Committee.

    IOC spokesperson Mark Adams says it's not the first time for an Olympic emblem to face opposition.

    He said that many people criticized the emblem for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

    Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics selected the emblems from 104 entries in a design competition. Individual designers who have won more than one prize were eligible to enter the contest.


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