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  1. Few notes from Tokyo 2020 report: 1- Coates states that since the Belgian only has intellectual properties and not copyright registers for the design, Tokyo 2020 is in the right to keep using the logo, as is the IOC. If he went to court now, I think he would be embarrassing himself, especially compared to the humble Spaniards dragged in who said they would be honored to have been an inspiration for the logo. 2- Bach clearly states twice that the cost rises that caused the change of 10 IF venues and the National Stadium were not due to the Olympics, but general rise in costs due to greater costs for raw materials and sparse labor that is being focused on the Touhoku Region. 3- The new sports' IFs will be interviewed later next week by TOCOG, who will send their recommendations on which IFs should be accepted to the IOC exec. board, who will re-recommend to the Session as a whole in Rio, where they will vote on inclusion. The sports will be added upon existing core sports, so there is no worry that other sports will lose athlete spots nor lose their place all together.
  2. Just now in the Tokyo 2020 report, there was a good conversation over the emblem brought up by Prince Alboort. Coates explained that the theater may have intellectual properties on a logo similar to Tokyo, but have no copyright registers on it, as confirmed by both TOCOG and the IOC. Therefore, Tokyo 2020 has every right to use the logo. President Bach later comments that, "I'm very disappointed that the Belgian theatre is claiming the rights for the national colors of Germany being in this logo, so..." Basically, the IOC has responded to the Belgian by saying no, they're not going to stop using the emblem since Tokyo 2020 has the legal right to continue, and since you do not hold a copyright on the certain aspects similar, there's little you can do to refute. Rightly so.
  3. Took a shower and missed most of Rio and part of PC, but the main idea is that they're both doing well. Rio drove home the point that the water is being cleaned, and PC seemed pretty docile when it came to preparations. Going as normal, I assume.
  4. It just started now, and is available on both the Olympic website and YouTube. Right now it's just opening remarks. Right now is the Sochi final report.
  5. We should see it tonight/today, I forgot that the report is also done here
  6. About 3 hours until the actual IOC session starts with Host City briefings from 2016-2020.
  7. I think he's really trying to get some money out of this. The Spaniards were very calm about it so I don't know what's gotten him so riled up.
  8. About Agenda 2020, going back on what I said before the Agenda didn't really effect this race as much as it will for future ones, like FYI has said. Mostly because the process started before the Monaco Session. The greater interest in 2024 and I suppose when Stockholm said they would join back in if they could both show that the Agenda is starting to take form, but it was just too early here. I'm sure Beijing will put on great games, regardless of what may happen afterwards.
  9. The actual IOC session starts at 9am locally, which is in about 14 hours. Over the course of the next few days we will see progress reports from Tokyo, Pyeongchang, Buenos Aires, Rio, and Lillehammer. Might we see a glimpse of the venue design for Tokyo 2020? Perhaps, but surely not the velodrome!
  10. Well from now on let's hope it never gets this bad again. 2024 is already lining up well, and 2026 will definitely be a nice change from Asia. Also all the bids will be going through Agenda 2020 fully, so there won't be as much of an argument about whether the bid city actually fits it or not...
  11. Well at least that's over. A blip in Olympic history. Hopefully from now on it's better...

    1. phandrosis


      Now that I've had time to think about it I'm sure Beijing will host great games. The atmosphere in 2008 was fabulous, and during the New Year will be even better. I feel like a hypocrite, but maybe I needed time to accept it.

  12. I fell asleep too. I can't say I'm not disappointed, I am. To me this shows that it's true this is the last bid process not under Agenda 2020 entirely, but that very few member made the difference between showing that. Just two members, actually. I hope Almaty tries again in the future. Their bid had a lot to offer and a good amount of the IOC saw this as well. I can already see the headlines about Beijing. Noooo....
  13. Evaluation Commission presentation in 2 hours, vote in 3 hours 15 minutes, Announcement in 4 hours 45 minutes. Prince Albert asked about how Almaty said that only 2 venues needed to be built, but that the presentation mentioned others under construction. The Almaty 2022 President I think responded by saying that of the 4 non-existing venues for Almaty 2022, two of them are being built for the Universiade in 2017, and are at 60-70% completion. The other two are games dependent and are proposed as of now. He was very straight forwards and actually answered the question.
  14. They pass the sustainability question to the Beijing mayor, but the Zhangjiakou mayor is present, so I would like to hear from him about mountain venues...
  15. Political Stability? Social Harmony? Maybe they are still using emotions, unlike Almaty's facts...
  16. Both sides are driving home the point that the games can help young people have the opportunities to become top athletes, but I think Almaty drove it home better with Denis Ten as an example.
  17. This should be the end, as they have about 15 minutes left. I'm not quite sure what the video was trying to say, but I suppose it was the atmosphere during winter.
  18. I'm curious how they will close out the presentation. They could go very sentimental like Tokyo and Almaty...
  19. Ah yes! French! Are they just bragging that they are richer than Almaty? Oil jabs. Dark as crude
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