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  1. They both share a similar drum beat and the vocalist sounds like they're at the end of a hallway for both, but that's really it.
  2. Unrelated, I came across this stadium in Split, Croatia recently. I think the new stadium should be similar to this. Simple, of course, but perhaps paying homage to the old stadium? I mean the shape of the stands, like how they peak on a soft curve like before. The roof would have to go all the way around, covering all the seats though. Also it would have to be a lot bigger, given that the capacity here is 35,000...
  3. So when the private company has that space outside the "principle" after the games, what kinds of things would they include to make it more suitable for a concert venue? Like what would need to be added, I can't think of what they would need to since even the old stadium held concerts.
  4. They announced at the same meeting the most recent article is from that they're ditching the retractable roof as well. I haven't heard anything about the retractable seating in this new version, but we should hear more in the coming days.
  5. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20150812_05.html I though this was pretty self-evident...
  6. I audibly said, "No go away" when I read this. She really doesn't take rejection well.
  7. An example could be how, in the past two Eurovision Song Contests, the Russian performers were booed before and after their performance and (more often in 2014) when they received top points of any kind. I don't think this booing happened because the other people in the Arena from all over Europe were sore losers, in fact in 2014 when they got booed the most Russia was not on top of the board. So yes, I think that any booing during a medal ceremony is always due to political issues. I think anyone would see it as a sort of faux pas if you were to boo just because you lost. Imagine the silver and bronze medalists booing!
  8. http://tokyo2020.jp/en/news/index.php?mode=page&id=1433
  9. One of my pet peeves currently is very specific. As far as I know, the only full length version of the Sochi 2014 closing ceremony is on the Olympic youtube channel... commentated in English... and in Arabic at the same time. The english commentators are very sparse which is good, but the arabic one continues to talk through the music which I do not like.
  10. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20150808_17.html
  11. I watched only half of it, but out of all of them on the stage, I agree Kasic was the most sane. I don't personally vote red, but if I did, the debate might have influenced me to vote for him.
  12. I don't think that's something that they would do, though. Look at the 2002 World Cup. Out of the ten stadiums built for the event, only four were football-specific. The rest included tracks, even the Final venue. Track events on a local level do happen often, and the old National Stadium held several track events after the Olympics, Including the IAAF Championships. For the reason to be able to host local, national, and international track events, I don't think that the National Stadium would be built as a football stadium solely. And expanding Ajinomoto might be harder than in Rio. In Rio there are already gaps that seating can be constructed in that used to be open to the surrounding area. Ajinomoto is enclosed and filled up to the roof. They would have to tear off the roof and build an entirely new one for this to work.
  13. This was posted in the logo thread as part of another news story, but it's applicable here. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/05/us-olympics-japan-logo-idUSKCN0QA0CV20150805 It seems like the statements contradict each other, stating that they will get the new design and start construction, but that the LDP might recommend building a smaller one and not building one at all? I'm thinking it's just worded awkwardly. However, as someone stated in the sister thread on this topic on SSC, the national stadium is Japan's Wembley, Japan's Maracana. I don't think it's really an option to just build nothing. The closest stadium in Tokyo is the Ajinomoto Stadium, which is not nearly big enough to host the Athletics and the OC/CC.
  14. Especially in the numbers... I wonder if they are going to use that (if you can call it) font for anything.
  15. Someone must have said this before, but what choice did they have? They had two choices, because after Sochi set the perfect example of how to not host a Winter Olympics, Europeans and their people were scared away. But, now that the Agenda 2020 is truly in effect for the 2024 race, you can see that faith is beginning to return. If people still thought the Olympics was all about money no one would be bidding for 2024 except Baku and Doha. Think of this 2014-2022 (excluding Rio and Tokyo, even Pyeongchang in some respects) as the 1976-1988 period. You had, between 1976-1984, a grand total of 3 different cities bidding. Then, in 1988, you had a former-military dictatorship and an experienced host country testing the waters with a new city. It just wasn't a good period for the IOC, but the games hosted were great games, at least for the athletes.
  16. They are very similar... uncanny, really. I liked the "Welcome to Beijing" and "You and Me" from 2008, so I hope we get something similar to that in the future.
  17. If anyone is interested, the Prime Minister has opened a forum for public opinion, and can be done in both Japanese and English from within Japan or abroad. https://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/forms/goiken_ssl.html The first line (テーマ) is the subject line, like in an email. ​The second line is where you write your opinion (2000 character max). The third line is age, then under that is gender. The fourth line is address, but for most you will scroll to the bottom and select 海外, or foreign countries. The line under that is, if you put foreign countries, the name of the country you are submitting from. Finally, the last line is, as stated in English, your email address.
  18. The reform also lets the IOC throw out a bid at any point if they think it can't host, which in the past has been shown in the applicant city reports to be true for the two (well, Doha mostly).
  19. I think the IOC wants smaller cities, maybe to demonstrate that they can host the games without spending a lot. Since Coates is on the EB, I think he endorsed Brisbane to set an example for this.
  20. The way it works, I think I understood it when I watched the session last night, is that all cities submitting bids enter the two year process, but at any point during the process, if the IOC seems the city unable to host successful games, said city will be eliminated.
  21. "Debie admits his design, published in 2013, is not registered as a trademark. But he said a formal complaint has been sent to the IOC through his lawyer because the theatre is 'constantly engaged in exchanges with the whole world' and 'doesn't want to have something resembling their logo'." I think the Tokyo 2020 games will be a little more engaged with the entire world than the theater... http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/olympics/33746535
  22. So if the Belgian goes to court and says, "Well I made it first so they should stop" and that will be it? Of course not. Like you just said, the company does not have a trademark, so him going to court and yelling plagiarism has no backing. It's extremely likely that it was just a coincidence, as it could be with such a simple design. For some reason he must believe that there will be great confusion between his theater and Tokyo 2020, when there will be a lot more people associating the design with Tokyo, not a small theater in the middle of Europe, just a fact. I think the belgian designer is trying to milk out money from the IOC and TOCOG just because their logos are similar. Maybe he's the thief.
  23. I don't think they are wrong, though. First of all, both logos are triangles and rectangles and circles. It's very likely it was just a coincidence, but the Belgians are convinced that the designer saw the theater logo, copied it, and resubmitted it. Just because the company made it first doesn't mean that they have the right to get it removed. The logos are not the same, and if the Belgian goes to court and tries to say that they are, he will fail. I don't think TOCOG and the IOC should bow down to some whining designer who's angry that a logo similar to his is being seen worldwide while his theater logo won't be. Claiming that he made it first in court wont hold up against Tokyo who have the legal right to use their logo.
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