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  1. Also I just found this in Dezeen. If it's more than just conspiracy, there is a serious problem here that's only just beginning to be addressed.

    This is no longer just a problem about plagiarism. Now, on the internet, search results for Sano Kenjiro was deleted drastically.

    So it is impossible to write the name of Sano Kenji and some other related person in many forums. That is the suppression of speech. What is worse, there is a
    possibility that the government and the mass media have a part in this. Sano Kyuichiro, elder brother of Kenjiro, is the official in the of Ministry of Economy.

    Also, Sano Soichiro, one of his relatives, is president of JSC, which relates to issues of National Stadium. There is a suspicion that advertising agencies are involved in this problem, which is influential with the media in Japan as well.

    It's not too much to say that Olympic logo has already been decided in secret. Sano Kenjiro is now keeping out of sight, not making an apology for those problems. Although many similar works were disclosed, he denied plagiarising. This is a reality. We cannot deal with the problem anymore in Japan. I want people all over the world to know this.


  2. I do love how many other peoples suggestions are blatant plagiarised copies of various other logos (Osaka 2008 and Japan Endless Discovery logos seem to be quite popular),

    Thing is, many of these other suggestions are pretty, but they would fail as a piece of branding.

    The reason that a lot of these are catching some attention online is that the elements in the Osaka and Japan Endless Discovery logos seems to be what a large part of the population wants to see. The hinomaru, the cherry blossom, Mt. Fuji, the aspects of Japan the world is already familiar with seems to be what many people want to continue using for the games.

  3. The committee reflects the government in this case, and it's similar in a lot of countries. A bunch of old guys out of touch with the youth. Japan is largely elderly, but there is still a large youth population, which in Tokyo is actually increasing. With all those young folks online, they're able to call out the OC on things like the stadium and logo.

  4. Conditions may be eased for Olympic logo contestThe organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are considering easing conditions for applicants to enter the design competition for a new set of logos for the Games.

    The organizing committee decided on Tuesday to retract the previously approved pair of logos designed by art director Kenjiro Sano.

    The decision came amid allegations of plagiarism over one of the logos. Committee chairman Toshihiro Muto said Sano himself asked the committee to retract the logos, saying that the public would no longer accept them. Sano denied allegations that he plagiarized a theater logo by a Belgian graphic designer, but he acknowledged that he used other online images without permission to present how he would display the logos.

    Sano's logos were among 4 that were selected from 104 entries in the initial contest.

    There's been criticism that the field was too narrow compared to past Olympic logo competitions.

    Applicants for the initial contest were required to have won multiple awards in past design contests chosen by the committee.

    The Tokyo organizers say they plan to start choosing new logos as soon as possible to minimize the impact on preparations for the games and corporate sponsors.


  5. The handover ceremony is more or less the same distance from now as the original contest was from whenever in July it was released. I feel like they should release it a bit before, though, as to not steal the thunder of the closing ceremony, especially on Japanese TV where instead of focusing on the performance people will be looking for the logo alone. I feel like they would want the logo on apparel for the Japanese athletes to wear at the closing, like Russia and I think Korea did at their respective winter handovers.

  6. A couple news stories dealing with the aftermath.

    Tokyo Olympic committee scraps emblemsThe organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have decided to withdraw the controversial emblems designed by Japanese art director Kenjiro Sano.

    Last month, a Belgian graphic designer filed a lawsuit demanding that the International Olympic Committee ban the use of the emblems, citing their resemblance to a theater logo he created in 2013.

    Sano was also suspected of using images on the Internet without permission for materials that showed how his emblems would be displayed.

    Sano denied plagiarizing the theater logo but admitted to copying online images when he was questioned by the committee on Tuesday morning.

    After holding an emergency meeting later in the day, the committee announced that it had officially decided to retract the Olympic and Paralympic emblems designed by Sano. The committee said the logos cannot gain the backing of the public.

    It is highly unusual for Olympic emblems to be withdrawn after their official unveiling.

    The committee says it will choose new designs as soon as possible after publicly inviting entries. It adds that it will make the selection process more open.

    I'm not quite sure what he means by publicly inviting entries since the original competition was in a way public.


    Designer in Belgium comments on logo scrappingA graphic designer in Belgium says Japan's decision to scrap the logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is in line with his request.

    Olivier Debie filed a lawsuit in August against the International Olympic Committee, seeking to halt its use of the emblem created by Japanese designer Kenjiro Sano. He says Sano's logo closely resembles one of his designs.

    Debie told NHK on Tuesday he was surprised that the Tokyo organizers have acknowledged the problem.

    He referred to the organizers' announcement that the emblem does not plagiarize his design. He said he is not convinced as the organizers have failed to clearly explain their reasoning.

    Debie said he will not consider withdrawing the lawsuit with a Belgian court until he confirms the IOC's position at the first hearing scheduled for September 22nd.

    It seems that he wants the IOC to say that Sano plagarized him. I don't know how well that will work out...


    Logo change to create additional costsThe organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will face additional costs after withdrawing the emblems.

    They said on Tuesday that they had decided to stop using the logos designed by Japanese art director Kenjiro Sano.

    The organizers said they would not pay Sano the prize money of one million yen, or about 8,300 dollars, adding that the impact of scrapping the logos will be limited.

    But it has been revealed that the organizers allowed the production of posters, clothing and other goods bearing the emblems even after the alleged problems emerged.

    They may now face lawsuits for damages from sponsor companies that have used the scrapped logos in their advertising.


    IOC official comments on logo decisionA senior International Olympic Committee official says the IOC understands the decision as the emblems have been criticized in Japan.

    IOC Vice-President John Coates said on Tuesday that the organizers told the IOC they had decided to stop using the logos for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

    Coates said the IOC has been informed by the organizers that they will hold a competition for new designs.

    Coates said he thinks it will take several months before the results are available. But he added that this will pose no problem as the Games are 5 years away.

    He reiterated the IOC's view that the emblems are the original work of Japanese art director Kenjiro Sano.


  7. I found the logo a little underwhelming but I'm not pleased they're replacing it.

    If they genuinely have to replace it becuase of this legal threat then that's embarrassing but fair enough.

    If they're using this story as a convenient cover to drop a design because the public reception wasn't great, it shows they lack the courage of their convictions. That wouldn't bode well.

    I think it was a bit of both. There was a change the IOC/TOCOG would be paying $50,000 for every time the logo is used, so I imagine they wanted to avoid that. Sano was the one (reportedly) who asked that his logos be withdrawn, as they would continue to give the games bad PR.

  8. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20150901_45.html

    The video with the article is a little saddening, mostly because a government office in Shinjuku just got banners with the emblem the other day and now have to take them down. Also at Haneda, they have this pretty cool "brush-drawn" style pictograms for sports, but the emblem is on these wraps as well, so they have to either take the entire thing down or cover it up.

    I wonder if Sano will ever get work again...

  9. They reverted back to the bid logo for now on the official website and all social medias, using the original Discover Tomorrow banner.

    Here's what they had to say on Facebook:

    The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games today announced that it is withdrawing the Tokyo 2020 Games emblems. The Organising Committee will also be deleting all related text, photographic images and videos recently uploaded to this site.
    Along with the withdrawal of this data, we will also be deleting all related comments posted by our fans. We thank you for your kind understanding in this regard.
    We will upload details regarding the creation of the new emblems as soon as they are available. We look forward to your continued support for the Tokyo 2020 Games – stay tuned to our Facebook page.

    In a way the logo is extinct and the only remaining official sources are the ones people already have saved. Maybe one say in the future the original logo will be lost in time...

  10. A bunch of news today that will be overshadowed by the emblem. The JSC has begun reaching out for designs and contractors.


    Designers must express interest by 18 September 2015, and submit designs by 16 November 2015.

    The guidelines are the same as those that have been rolling in over the month. They are:

    • 68,000 capacity, required capability to construct an additional 12,000 for World Cup (ambitious, but it'll happen someday I'm sure)
    • 1.28 billion USD/155 billion Yen budget limitation for contractors and designers (unknown if they planned for overruns, maybe they did)
    • Deadline of January 31st, 2020


    It appears that JSC is accepting design proposals for the slight renovation of Yoyogi for seismic retrofitting. Sensible, given that Yoyogi was build only the year before the 1964 games, like the Budokan, so they had to do it quickly. THe proposal deadline for that is 24 September 2015.

    They're also reaching out to companies who will help with the public lotteries to help pay for the stadium as well.

    No English site yet, and there probably wont be since they're probably trying to avoid foreign designers without having to outright say it.


  11. This was probably the best idea to save face at this point. Even though the logo could have worked, the public was definitely not behind it. I feel like, with the stadium, this is an example of a small board selecting something that will represent the entire nation worldwide that the people should have honestly been involved with.

    I don't even know what they'll do now. They could release a poll with the original submitted designs, or possibly do something similar to the bid logo, where they went to the public and refined a design created not specifically by an award winning designer.

  12. Until the IOC REMOVES the clause from the host-city contracts in which someone OTHER THAN THEM will catch the cost overruns, you will always run into this PROBLEM. All cities should REJECT this preposterous condition of the IOC and have THEM swallow cost-oveeruns due to their demands. That is the crux of why very qualified and desirable cities are bailing out -- becuz the IOC is just a chicken-sh*t organization that won't own up to its own demands. The time, IOC, has come for you to redraw your charter.

    I feel like that would result in Shanghai 2024, Krasnodar 2026, Moscow 2028, and Harbin 2030 while they write up something that saves taxpayers

  13. Hopefully the actual look of the games is more colorful. Maybe they'll approach it like Rio by using different parts of a single piece of artwork, or like London by using basically the same general design but a bunch of different colors. Either way this will be the focal point in most venues.


  14. Here's a couple of things I've found searching online. The quality of some of the photos are bad, so I apologize in advance.

    As we've read, the "first stage" of Sano's design wasn't used because it looked too similar to an already trademarked logo. It appears that Time Force Watches may have been the company with an emblem similar, as shown below.


    However, others have pointed out that a set of posters for what seems to be a musical event hold a similar design as well.


    (This is just something I saw. The "g"s are similar to something Debie designed which I remembered from his sight. Just an observation. ;) )


    Finally, if you remember TOCOG asked for emblem designers to show how the emblem would be used in a "look-of-the-games" way. This is what Sano submitted.



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