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  1. Given this new schedule released today... We should expect the renders/documents towards the end of November but most likely in early December and a final decision in mid-December. http://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/Portals/0/shinsaiinkai/1006_sinsaiinkai4_siryou%2001.pdf
  2. I think this is the most important part: Now anyone from a design student to someone who was a designer in 1964 can contribute instead of a few secretly chosen designers and a bunch of, dare I say, decoys.
  3. If you look on the Tokyo 2020 facebook page, they're starting to reach out to the public on what the emblem should be based on or what it will represent. https://www.facebook.com/tokyo2020.jp?fref=ts
  4. The opening/closing stadium seems to be up in the air as well. I'm still not sure whether they're going with a temporary or permanent one yet.
  5. There were a kind of pictograms on the bridges from the terminal to planes at Haneda, but those are not official to Tokyo 2020.
  6. With all those crescents this could be an Istambul 2028 bid logo...
  7. Just a few more logos from Twitter I found while we wait for some news...   (a stylized ありがとう)
  8. Hopefully they come up with some good designs this time around. I'm anxious to see renders..
  9. This article seemed like it was written on older information, meaning it theorized that Tokyo would have to move outside the 8km promise when they have done so for a few months already. I think that Muto is saying that they wont pull a Beijing where they build all new venues for every sport just to let them rot.
  10. I believe I read somewhere else that the track will be permanent, meaning that they wont rip up the track for the extra seats for a future world cup bid. I suppose think London but dismountable.
  11. Do you believe in miracles? It's official. Hadid gave up. No contractors were able (or wanted) to work with her. The chosen contractors are the Taisei Corporation and the Takenaka Corporation, the same two as before given that they both already built up enough laborers for the project. http://m.huffpost.com/jp/entry/8156996
  12. If you were looking for evidence that Hadid's efforts will not come to fruition, here are some excerpts of an Inside the Games article: http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1030244/zaha-hadid-warn-lower-quality-tokyo-2020-national-stadium-could-be-constructed-due-to-restrictive-competition-process What does this mean? No Japanese contractors want to work with Hadid. Maybe they aren't capable to build it or they just don't like the design. It seems that whatever contractor is chosen, it may become harder for Hadid to stick with the bike helmet design.
  13. Little bit of information on what has been a slow few weeks for news about Tokyo 2020. I found a Huffington Post article explaining that while the government is starting from scratch, the stadium will still sit on what can only be described as raised land that existed mostly as proposed in Hadid's plan and if you look back, in about all the proposed designs by other architects. The reason for this of course is that if they tried to build all 68,000 seats from ground level and up, it would be much taller and wider in all directions. http://www.huffingtonpost.jp/takashi-moriyama/national-stadium-plan_b_8131166.html?ncid=tweetlnkjphpmg00000001
  14. Here's the letter (part of it, anyway)
  15. It would be a nice change away from Asia (which is all but guaranteed for 2026 anyway). I don't think Vancouver is close enough to really cause any trouble. If you look at recent hosts, the IOC probably doesn't mind Winter in North America 2002- North America 2006- Europe 2010- North America 2014- Europe??? Culture wise Sochi isn't stereotypically Asian 2018- Asia 2022- Asia 2026- Could be anywhere. Don't count on Sapporo 2026 unless everyone drops out When I say close enough I mean time wise, not geography.
  16. Just in case anyone is actually convinced, the process of submission if anything will begin soon. Remember, a committee has just been set up to set up the selection committee. If I had to predict, it'll probably be around some major date. Perhaps New Years, anniversary of Nagano or Sapporo opening, or even the 4 years to go date just weeks before Rio. At this point, we know very little.
  17. Is this really the torch for Lillehammer 2016? It's very obviously Toronto's Pan Am torch... http://i.imgur.com/cf2jnCv.jpg

    1. zigzag


      Winter YOGs torch does always similiar to an existing torch for example Innsbruck 2012's torch is similiar to torch used in Singapore 2010

    2. paul


      That is EXACTLY like the Toronto one!!!

    3. paul


      Maybe that's just an advertisement and they didn't design the real one yet? The Lillehammer real Olympic torch is my favorite EVER,

  18. I think Tokyo said in their foundation plan that they'll be releasing their mascot in 2017 as well. Probably it will last about a month or two before plagiarism kills it
  19. I was curious if LA has actually sent the letter of intention to the IOC, or did Boston do it and while the LA team was in Lausanne did they go over Boston in sharpie with Los Angeles?
  20. I feel like it'll be like the torch in such a way that it telescopes out of wherever it is in the stadium and in the Olympic Park simultaneously. It shouldn't be a huge torch, but a similar design, maybe.
  21. http://news.ameba.jp/20150912-395/ Classic Japanese business practice as head of the JSC retires and takes responsibility for stadium problems. Probably won't change much since most of the action happens in lower level committees.
  22. http://www.japantoday.com/category/sports/view/tokyo-olympics-plans-stumble-on-stadium-fiasco-logo-fuss I felt that this article tastefully wraps up the events of the last couple of months. I'm looking foward to a change towards the better, but better put...
  23. News direct from TOCOG: http://www.tokyo2020.jp/en/news/index.php?mode=page&id=1454
  24. I think it's just a very basic concept to show to what extent the stadium can be changed towards functionality versus design prowess.
  25. 2 years since Tokyo was chosen as host city for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! In a way, we've come full circle and are back where we started, progress wise. I wonder how the other venues are going, since they seem to be invisible...

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