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  1. I watched the ceremonies of the Calgary Winter Olympics and I don't understand what you mean by tacky. Apart from the awful timing of the commercials, it was a rather nice and there definitly was a warmth to the proceedings. I especially found the squar dancing segment to be very colourful

  2. I do recall even you Mr.X posting pics of a very nasty looking interior of the roof and complaining yourself. Will such nastiness above the heads of everyone be the emblem of these games? Judging from the posts of those who live in vancouver, it very well may be. This speaks to a grotesque lapse in foresight to invite the world under one grimey roof. Guess that's how you all do things.

  3. It just make you wonder what IS the real deal with the roof. yes we know that every olympic host has had some sort of scaling back or change of original plans or change of the blueprint of indeed, some change somewhere or the other. Yet, vancouver is interesting because you get this weird sense that everything is not going exactly right behind the scenes.......especially as it pertains to the roof. I think and have always thought that Vancouver shall be a replica of Montreal in this and a few other regards.

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