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  1. yeah, the organizational and logistics fiasco provided a bellyfull of laughs....even now
  2. Not really, Atlanta's ceremonies were simply spectacular but the games were a mess.
  3. From such a wonderfully indigenous pesepctive Kendegra, I don't see why it should be difficult to incorporate the natural wonders of the region within the first nations folklore.
  4. Jim, Dehli 2010 proves that you can't just have money as your focus when deciding who should host a major internatioanl event. Don't you know that its that same kind of "money worship" that has the world in this financial mess? You have got to take a balanced look at everything. Personally, i would love the games to go to India. But it just wasn't the time. Now on top of the pre existing security fears, you have to deal with organizational concerns also.
  5. what's the provincial flower of British Columdia? Does the place have any folklore?
  6. Wow, U're reallly late in admitting that! This design is too harsh for that environment. Hence, a crupled chocolate wrapper tossed in vancouver's front yard!
  7. Barron, what about the northern lights in thousands of glittering torches? What about the scenery of the rockies? or the story of canada's great rivers.....or the group as seven as Kendegra suggested.
  8. No.no. barron, I wasn't suggesting that you "project ' images of canada's natural wonders. I was refering to the the theatrical representation of the sea at Barcelona and the deep sea dreaming at sydney
  9. I totally LOVE that group of Seven Idea! Superlatively magnificent!
  10. Kendegra.............I am completely in agreement with you .....your imagery is so stunning!
  11. At sydney 2000, there was the depiction of the great Barrier reef in deep sea dreaming, then the flora of the wild outback. Are you trying to tell me that with some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet, Canada can find no natural wonders to celebrate in its opening ceremony? What about the staggering opulence of the Rockies? The thunder of Niagra falls.........the vast sheets of ice that crown its head at the top of the world? can you Imagine Bc place stadium depicting a flushed white winter wonderland of nature? Imagine the sea segment of Barcelona 92 in white depicting a great ice s
  12. I have to say that I looked through the rendering of the 2008 Bids for the Olympic stadium and was horrified by what TORONT had to offer as an Olympic stadium. Like ewww.
  13. OK.........in all honesty? i hope the directors of the ceremonies are not reading forum. You don't have to depict bollywood dancers from India or Warrior dandcers from kenya or Scottish kilts from scotland to present a true image of Canada. When you do that, the focus turns into a celebration of individual indentity rather than what it is about Canada that unites all of those cultures. When i think of your country.....I think first of vastness..... then snow.......then forsest....... thenorthern lights...........hospitality. It should be a focus on the land and a depictionof the things that ma
  14. No..............nope......I'm sorry...............this place is so inappropriate there and it.....just............well..........looks sorta like a really clean piece a crap!
  15. Okay..............here are some commonsense question that hopefully, will generate some common sense answers. Did the Commonwealth Games committee scrutinize all of these possibilities when they decided to award the Games to Dehli? or Were they just interested in sending the games to a new outpost irrespective of the important suff? Does Dehli have an established reputation of dependability? Does the breech of Commonwealth games preparation contracts ( whatever they may be) come with fines? Would Dehli be able to pay them in the unfortunate likelihood that something goes wrong?
  16. As an international observer, this certainly does not work in the best interest of the image of such a beautiful city and what may be (hopefully0 very impressive games. Where these persons given an opportunity to voice their concerns about the olympics with Vanoc in a public forum?
  17. The addition of the red mittens, I think, has to do with a nuance to the national colours of Canada.
  18. Of the things Vancouver has got right............this torch is a definite HIT! Very, very well done
  19. I am convinced that vancouver has to be one of the top places in the world to live but I'm still out on that crumpled chocolate wrapper Convention centre
  20. yeah but......not even ONLY where the flame is concerned. Supposed the roof tears open a day before the opening?
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