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  1. I am in total agreement with you Kendegra! It is remarkably backward for a country that claims to be soooo progressive!
  2. I find it absolutely strange that the queen is visiting Vancouver around the time of the Olympics. It would even be more strange if she did not open the games herself. I am personally convinced that the queen will not allow a black royal representative of hers to take such a dominant stage in a global event to the largest diamond of the Commonwealth. Whether we want to accept it or not, the British Monarcy, historically, is a racist institution. It has only tried to shake this in the last 40 perhaps 30 years of its near 1,000 year long history.
  3. I think it speaks to Canada being very immature and not being able to determine for itself, that a canadian should open the games. Its a beautiful country but it really does have this "dumb giant kid nextdoor" thing going for it that it can't seem to shake!
  4. Why , oh why would anyone wnna use a war poem in an OC?
  5. so is it safe to say it's a shoe in?
  6. ummmm.......I've been to canada more times than probably your age. Hey but don't get offensive because you have compared your country (quite accurately i might add) to a brick wall. And no, I am offended that you think I would take sides with Faux News. I appreciate what Canada has done in Afghanistan and Iraq and I think Faux represents the very worst of the greatest country on earth. I am immensely thankful and greatful to the canadians who were unfortunately killed in service during the war. May they rest in peace and may their families receive the honour that they so rightly deserve! Thank
  7. R u serious baron? That is a spectacular backdrop fro the ceremonies! This is an architectural highlight of the vancouver games!
  8. But you know.........that argument of "not having enough time to define yourself" is essentially crap! There are countries that are wayyyyyyy younger than Canada that have a profound sense of culture and identity. Try the Caribbean. Barbados is a phenomenal example of this. The culture there is an outstanding. I've been several times and it just amazes me how ppl who basically exist on a grain of sand are able to be so proud of their country. I think you have made a point in outlining canada's youth but it isn't THE POINT!
  9. eloquently said fisher and its good to see that you are aware of your position in the system of things where the US is concerned. I think you did justice in defining your youth. That being said, embracing all that you have said, what do you think vancouver's oc should be like?
  10. Well, Kendegra, if canada is a country, it needs an identity. I don't think you are fully accurate in saying that culture is localized and not nationalized. sure, as you mentioned, a californian is different from a texan. BUT THERE IS AN ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN AMERICAN! That's why I'm very interested in hearing how you, in your analogy of likening Canada to a wall, will explain what exactly is this "mortar" that holds these bricks together. What is the "shared identity" in all this dynamic diversity? It must be an ideology that can be translated or embedded into dis
  11. yes.certainly Baron. But as the profile of events grow, so does the threat. the asian games are still pretty much regional in a way. But the commonweaths are more international.
  12. For me canada reeks of uncertainty about itself. There is no unifying intellectual opinion of what it represents or what defines it. It has always battled an identity crisis.
  13. of course ken, I agree...........yet, it can't be all about values either. Don't you Think?
  14. I think the Toronto ppl, as is always the case in these things, are a little bit TOO confident. they may get a surprise or they may not. But arrogance just never works.
  15. I think it was absolutely reckless of the Intenational CWG Committee to have awarded these games to Delhi. It wasn't prctical at all. Isn't it strange that as the games get nearer and nearer we are seeing so much strife in that part of the world? A message is being sent and if anything happens to International athletes during these games, they or their families deserve full compensation from the International Commonwealth Games Commitee. Enough said
  16. nO....larger is great..........it means they are really trying to leaving a creative legacy. good going Vanoc.
  17. hummmmmmmm............that's very intteresting Kendegra, but in the end what makes this so called "wall" Canadian? That is the gist of the question. Is there something special in the way that the " bricks" have been put together that makes the way canadian? D
  18. yeah..... but that's just it. here in america, we all came from somewhere but the culture and identity we have forged here is dominant over the culture we brough with us. I can't say or see that for Canada. a significant part of American culture is what the land gave us. I don't know what the land called Canada has given to you guys, but it doesn't seem like much.
  19. Little do you guys know it but I think this discussion has opened a really interesting question about Canada and it's culture. What defines canadian culture? What is at the heart of it? Is it definable? Is it even there? Does it exist?
  20. My Gawd.......I'm sooooooooooo glad for This U.S.A - we dominate everything! I mean, if national performace was sexual performance? Canada would be divorced as many time as they were Olympic games.
  21. ......and by the way canada, pls, pls, pls, don't use the opportunity to "laugh" at yourself during the ceremonies with crummy Canadian humour. make it a serious theatrical production!
  22. No ken, I disagree. 4,500 performers doesn't say WOW! to me. I think that's where the Beijing ceremoniessorta fell down where impact was concerned! Don't get me wrong the ceremonies were stunning but not reaching the "peak" that so many ppl expected. There is something that is stunning about the volume of numbers especially in celebratory events. Check out Moscow 1980 is you doubt it.......maybe the 4, 500 number is a sneak peak that the opening ceremony may fall short of what people were expecting. Maybe the ceremonies themselves are casulties of the global financial crisis. Torino Handover o
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