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  1. okok....you guys just reminded me why Canadians are completely and utterly ..............the overgrown dumb kid with acne problems next door. Really?

    Don't you understand the statement your governor general was making? She was underlying the fundamentals of a timeless cultural nuance of the Inuit people. She was making a statement of preservation of an astounding way of life that has thrived on your snow swept northern islands for thousands of years. She was not suggesting that the act was based on greed or self interests or capitalism but rather on the unique identity that actually defined the purest form of idigenous Canada before the zit ridden colonizers made you into a qusi-country. It was an act on a trajectory towards the preservation of a distinctive way of life. Ways of life, mind you , that are becoming, extinct. Your Inuit have hunted seal for thousands of years.......and the seals stocks were never exhuasted.....but add the invaders from Europe with good old fashion greed and you 've got a disaster! You people are sooooooooooooo pathetic. Like why do you even have to be our neighbors anyway?

  2. baron..you are right in some point like the flatness of the kylpsedra.......but the Opening Ceremonies are television events first and foremost - Even before the 100, 000 of so ppl seated in the stadium at the live event. Athens none the less was ground breaking. Of the OC's of the Sydney 2000 games, the Athens 2004 games and the Beijing 2008 games, which was the most stunning in your opinion? For me its Athens!

  3. naturally, I'll be staying at the ShangriLa. Arriving a day late however. Will probably watch the opening in Barbados( if they will show it down there on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Channel), then fly to Montego Bay, LA then Vancouver 2010. I'll have to get my flu vaccine just to be safe.

  4. Jean represents that canada can indeed make wise decisions. Let's see if the track record can again be duplicated with the correct choice for opening the games.

    the only potentially historical thing about QE2 opening the games is that there is a high probability (God, most graciously, forbid) that vancouver 2010 may very well be the last games she will see or open.

  5. Initially, I was thinking that this was maybe a bit too far fetched but now, I dunno. The reality is that several sporting events have been cancelled due to this virus. There is no real vaccine for it and according to the CDC, its DNA is very unstable which means that it can mutate into something worse and it is unbeliveably contagious . Additionally, if they do develop a vaccine for it working at top speed, it is said that it would be ready by fall 2009 the earliest so...........I personally am a bit iffy right now as it stands, given that the world is expected in Vancouver early 2010.

  6. Well, so far, I am generally impressed with everything they've done so far. The torch is stunning, the logo has turned out to be just the right aesthetic of the region, the olympic art seem to capture the spirit of the legacy Vancouver wants to communicate so I'm not so concerned about the medal design.....but then again, its Canada your dealing with so disappointments just can't be ruled out entirely. Maybe this will be the second after the spectacular failure of the 2006 torino handover ceremony.

  7. But seriously, the Queen, as head of a 1000 year old racist institution, will not be caught with a different hairstyle and let Michelle Jean declare the games open. How dare a black woman represent the glory of the British Monarchy! She simply will not allow the prestige of her position to be tarnished by colour! I think that's the underlying reason why Harper extended an invitation to her first

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